Thursday, November 01, 2012

November Stuff

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I despise the whole Movember thing,  men pretending that by not shaving for 30 days they are heightening awareness for men's health issues.  Whatever. I'm sure I'm oversimplifying the whole thing, but it really comes down to the fact that I don't know any men who look better with facial hair than without it.   Seriously.

So I thought about not shaving my legs for the entire month of November, but realized it would actually be more notable if I did shave them at all during the month.  November is like my vacation month... the torture of shaving my legs all. damn. summer. is finally over and I can sit back and relax and grow some leg hair.

I've seen lots of women posting 30 days of gratitude on Facebook.  That's nice.   One year I made a gratitude list of all that I was thankful for in pictures.   That was fun.  Maybe I'll throw some pictures into the mix. I'm grateful my kid has grown a foot in the past two years. And she's still cute.

I'd also like to walk every day in November.  I really need to get moving.  Movember.  Wait, that's already taken by the non-shaving men.

Anyway, as I sit here typing into the silence that is now my blog, I think I'll try NaBloPoMo or whatever it is, and actually write a bit each day.  And post it.   We'll see.

On that note, I did not walk today, but I vacuumed, which is far more challenging.  I didn't shave my legs, and I'm grateful for friends who are willing to drive 4 (or 5) hours out here to visit us.   My old old friend Wendy, (she's older than me) brought her 6 year old daughter out and we fully intend to let the girls amuse each other, boss each other, get into whatever they want, make messes and run wild, as long as they leave us alone while we play on our respective electronic devices and watch funny things on tv and talk late into the night, tonight it's looking like we might make it to 11. 

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