Friday, November 02, 2012

My thoughts on Sandy...

 A blog post in which I say suck/sucky/suckier/  as much as possible.

1.   People who decided to "wait it out" and forced emergency crews to risk their lives to come get their asses when they should have left in the first place should receive a hefty bill in the mail.   What makes me think of things like this?     I once worked for a woman who was a quadriplegic, after a car accident in which she slid off an icy off-ramp.  She swore that the highway department sent her a bill for the guardrails she damaged.     I don't know.  It all sucks.

2.  Sadness and tragedy sound so much more poignant in a New York or New Jersey accent.

3.  The telethon was sad sad sad.   The videos were heartbreaking, but what really sticks with me at this moment is who WAS the "other" guy who was singing on stage with Steven Tyler, Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel.  He was on a mic with Bruce.  Who WAS that?  All the google searches said "Fallon, Springsteen, Joel, Tyler, and others." Sometimes Google sucks.  Someone help me out here.

4.  Matt Lauer has lost a lot of hair.

5.  Damn, I wish I could say I had lovely memories of visiting the Jersey Shore & boardwalk,  something beyond "I saw it on Beaches".

6.  I think if I lived there even if I didn't lose a damn thing I would still just have to sit down and cry thinking about how much CLEANING has to be done.  Cleaning sucks.  And have you ever tried to get sand out of your house when someone tracks it in from the beach?   I can't imagine dealing with the amount of sand Sandy tracked in.  Hey! "Sandy".  Get it? 

7.  I think a lot of weather reporters have PTS(andy)D from this, they were in way over their heads.  Almost literally.

8.  I wish I had a kid's address in NY or NJ... I'd send them 90 % of the candy my daughter hauled home from trick or treating... and I really did feel sad that there were a lot of kids totally wrecked about whatever else they may have lost, but also, no trick or treating? That sucks too.

9.  I'm glad they cancelled the NY Marathon.  Seems all that running energy could be put to good use around there.

10.  I'm very grateful that Obama seems to be making such a good impression in his support of Gov. Christie and whoever,  but I'm scared to death that people who just lost their homes or pets or trees or cars or childhood memories may have a little more on their plate than making the effort to get to a polling place on Tuesday.  Not to mention how hard is it to get from point A to point B at this time?  I don't have any real frame of reference so I'm just sitting here in the middle of Kansas, casting a vote that won't matter due to the electoral system, and worrying about how people will manage to vote.

 I will tell you, though, that I'm going to vote SO HARD on Tuesday.  Hurricane Sandy & all the damage sucked/sucks big-time.   Imagine how much suckier it would be with Mittens at the helm. 

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