Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hospital entertainment

I just returned home from a couple of days at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. I was having a non-crisis small infection that caused uncontrollable puking and pain, so I went to the ER on Thursday night and they admitted me. Luckily they got it under control right away, and I am back home now to enjoy my Saturday afternoon.

I was thinking, though, about all the ways in which I try to keep myself amused when I am stuck in the hospital. I always try to remember the names of my nurses and aides, and like to do whatever it takes to make them laugh. My friend Heather, after seeing the movie "What the bleep do we know?" had me writing words like "health", "love", "strength" on my IV bags during on trip to LMH, in hopes that the positive connotations would somehow improve the effectiveness of the stuff going into my veins.
Yesterday the IV nurse, Patti, came in to change my picc line dressing and was all excited about it because after seeing my IV bags in January, she'd rented the movie and was totally into the concept and thought it was so cool.

Last night I had a couple of cute boy nurses aides in my room "checking my vitals" just as the KU game was ending, and it was a close one. We had a long discussion about what Bill Self is doing wrong. Sometimes I knit when I am at the hospital. Yesterday Scott brought me my knitting, but only brought one needle. I'm not sure how that was supposed to work, but I thought it was funny.

In January at KU Med, I was being transported from my room to an interventional radiology procedure. Just for kicks, I pulled my blanket completely over my head, making myself look like a corpse being transported. The poor transport girl kept giggling and telling me to get that thing off my head, as people were apparently looking at us weird.

Sometimes I steal things. I always ask for extra blankets, extra packages of sponge bath wipes, etc. and usually some of that stuff somehow makes it home with me. I love hospital blankets. Especially since one of my dogs as had an infected anal gland, and god knows she can't stay off the couch, so the blankets end up in constant rotation between couch and laundry to protect my poor couch from her bottom stains. Ick.

Thursday, before I got so dang sick, ( actually it was between puking sessions) T took me to the Humane Society with her,she was looking for a dog. I met a lovely female kitty named "Puddin" who is a snowshoe siamese
and she's just as cute as a button. She's 5 or 6 years old, spayed, and very loving.
This is her. So they called yesterday and said I was approved and could pick her up in a few days if I want. I am still debating it. I don't know how she and the hound dogs will get along.

My energetic friend Heather has decided that a good way to raise some money for my bills would be to have a rummage sale. She made these fliers...

the Kalli Sanders
Benefit Rummage Sale
(If you don’t know Kalli, you’re missing out! She is an amazing, giving, friendly, resourceful, dynamic Lawrence woman. She has been in and out of the hospital too many times to count in the last 10 months).

Spring Cleaning? Purging?
Donate items to raise money to
cover impending bills for Kalli.

We’ll take all kinds of yard sale items!!!
Bikes, kitchen appliances, books, CDs, candles, half used art supplies, chairs, camping gear, antiques, videos, terra cotta pots, magazines, disco balls, yarn, shoes, games, tables, candles, DVDs, mirrors, mugs, holiday decorations, tools, vacuums, pottery…. anything you want to get rid of
(well, except clothing….)

Call Heather Mac (766-2290)
between March 15th-30th
to arrange pick-up / drop-off of
your donations.

The big sale is
Saturday, April 1st at Odessa’s (12th & Connecticut)

She has also started gathering a bunch of cool stuff to have a raffle at the same time, and I told her I would put together all the raffle tickets to make it easier for people to sell. I'm excited about it, I just hope that I can get my surgery scheduled for right after that date, so I can help with the sale.

Monday Becky is going with me to help advocate (demand) that Dr. Delcore schedule the damn surgery... I am healthy enough for it, I am slowly gaining some weight now that I am back on the TPN, and my lab work keeps coming back really good. I just need a surgeon to get on board. If Delcore doesn't want to do it yet, the docs here in Lawrence want me to see Dr. Reece at St. Lukes. I don't know much about him, but he's highly recommended by Dr. Denning here, and I trust him. I also like the idea of giving St. Luke's shot, since I am so thoroughly sick and tired of the crap at KU. I see a zillion docs, who knows who is a resident and who is a specialist. What team the doc is on? Which department, ? and who to follow up with when something goes wrong? Not to mention the nursing care... it's not to hot most of the time.

Well, not as cute as Dr. Delcore, but I guess he'll do. He told Dr. Denning that he'd be willing to see me on thurs. or fri of this coming week and schedule surgery soon, after hearing about my case. I guess they want to do something like sew the biliary drains from the liver to the small intestine to force them to drain properly, take out my gall bladder, and perhaps do something to my stomach... if not, perhaps they'd put in a J-tube to allow for continued feeding throughout the day, even if I can't eat. We'll see. I just want some progress. I feel like I am spinning my wheels at this point, and nothing is moving forward.

I wonder what kind of blankets they have at St. Lukes.


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