Friday, April 13, 2012

North, South, or Crazy?

Tonight we had dinner at a local restaurant “The Gathering Place” for my parent’s 37th wedding anniversary.  Grace loves to eat at this restaurant, and knows her way around quite well.   She finished her “mini corn dogs” that I ordered for her, and when she decided she wanted more she went directly to the owner and cook, Jan, and asked for more mini corn dogs, please.   Obviously there is no reason to ask Mama for something when you know how to get it directly.     She excused herself to go to the ladies room shortly after that, and felt comfortable enough to leave the door to the bathroom wide open and to sing a loud song that went something like this: “Going to the bathroom is fun! Going to the bathroom is fun!  I’m going to the bathroom! It’s fun!”     I think the majority of the diners really liked the song.  

North, South, or Crazy?   Tomorrow I’m “volunteering” at an assisted living facility where I am applying to be an Activity (Life Enrichment) Coordinator.  Tomorrow basically serves as a 3rd interview, in which I can hopefully demonstrate my ability to work with the team and interact appropriately with the men and women who live there.  Truthfully, I’m bored to tears not working, spending way too much time listening to the new Fresh Beat Band album (thanks, Uncle Scott) and the days are starting to blend into each other… so I’m thrilled to go spend the day hanging out with the older folks and getting a clearer picture of what the job will entail.   Hopefully it will be much more than macaroni art and Bingo.     Even if they don’t end up hiring me, it’s a day out doing something worthwhile, and I am more than ready to do that.    
I have a crush on another job in another town, as well, each of the two jobs’ pros and cons seem directly proportionate to each other, which would make for a difficult decision on the off-chance that both places offered a job at the exact same moment next week.  I’m assuming that won’t happen, and that circumstances and the universe will push me in the direction I need to be headed.  North or South? That is the question.
 The third option is Crazy, which is exactly where I will be headed if something doesn’t happen soon.   In the meanwhile I’m putting one foot in front of the other, pinning way too much stuff on Pinterest, and crocheting/decoupaging/spray-painting anything I can get my hands on.     
After having some miraculous dental work performed in Bartlesville, OK last week I  was sort of high on valium when I left my friend’s house to get on the road after a nap,  I proceeded to make my bed and bury my Kindle and my electronic cigarette in the blankets on the bed prior to leaving. So I’m being forced to read books made out of paper, and I have to TURN THE PAGES.   
The upside of all of that is the great front tooth drama that has plagued me for 10 years is now over, with a brand spanking new implant in the front of my mouth as well as a bunch of other stuff taken care of… and all because I know someone really nice who knows someone really nice and once again, I’m getting a crazy break that I don’t deserve in order to get the work done.    Another friend helped me clean my closet and bedroom, which is a feat that few have attempted through the years and there should be a plaque somewhere with this few good womens’ names on it.  You know who you are HeatherTriciaMarla,  and that’s just in the past 10 years.  I’m pretty sure there were others who went before these fine women, I do believe they made it out alive, but I’m not sure where they are now.  I am blessed also to be able to call my old high-school English teacher a friend, she’s been a sounding board and support and if someone had told me in high school that we’d be friends today I would have laughed. I have even reached the point that I can call her by her first name.  That takes my list of local friends up to THREE! 
So despite my best attempts at sounding pitiful and alone out here on the prairie, I’m blessed and fortunate and have way more generosity and grace in my life than I deserve.  I would also like to mention that it’s always nice to hear on Facebook that old friends may be visiting in the area soon, but not when that friend is a Tornado/storm chaser who is coming out this direction tomorrow evening.  I hope he has safe travels and all, but preferable a few counties away from here.   In the meanwhile I’m getting our bike helmets and flashlights ready.  Don’t worry, I’ll have the laptop in the closet or basement with me if it comes down to it.

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