Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Guest Post from Grace

Ba ba ba, ba ba.

(I am trying to learn to crawl. It really pisses me off when I want something and I try to get it and move backward instead. I have learned to pick my bottom up off the floor, and I can do a pretty cool yoga plank pose.)

Ba ba ba da. Da.

(I like to eat. I can sign "eat" to make them give me more food. It's working well, I almost have them trained.)

Ba ba wa. go.

(Last weekend everyone dressed up in my favorite color and had a party downtown just for me. People smiled at me, and said "cute baby jayhawk" and gave me gentle high fives. They were nice and honked their horns and ran around in the streets. When I puked on my KU shirt no one even noticed, some people even puked on their shirts just to make me feel better. People were waving their sippy cups in the air and drinking apple juice in big plastic pitchers on the street! My grandpa from CA was there, and people took pictures of me. It was lovely.)

Ba ba ba bababa.

(My nanny and I have been spending too much time together so we are only seeing each other once a week. Other days I go hang with my Aunt T, and her big kitty Sam. He's a strange looking kitty, but I like him.

He has a big tongue. )


returning to red, watch out! said...

OH, this post cracked me up.

More, Grace MORE~!

gypsy said...

Oh she just makes me sick with love.

Aunt T?

Home Broker said...
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