Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dear Grace, Yo mama crazy.

Random thoughts at 5 am:

What T F is up with the ants, people? One day they are here, the next they are gone. Chemicals don't do jack. Plus they might make my baby autistic or some such.

Speaking of my baby... as if you don't hear enough of that. She's a chatter. She's nosy, and engages people constantly... doesn't matter who. She babbles and growls (yes, growls. She sounds like something from The Exorcist) and stares at people and grins and shows off her two little bottom teeth.

I can't get through Walmart looking all tired and cranky without hearing "oh, what are you looking at? Hello! You are so cute! Hi there! Look at those cheeks!" Just when I turn around and say "Why thank you..." I realize they are talking to my baby.

She sits in her seat pretending to drive the cart, very straight, holding on to the handle of the shopping cart and trying to get the attention of anyone who will look her way. She's such a ham. Don't have any idea where she gets it.

OH, and she's mobile. Why didn't you tell me that was going to mess everything up? No more "sweet cuddling" unless it's dreamy time. No more "going to the bathroom". No more "doing dishes" (as if.) No more "sleeping past 7 or sleeping for more than 5 hours at a time". No more daytime nursing unless I'm able to lay down in a darkened room, swaddle her so she can't move, and stick a boob in her mouth and pray the cat doesn't find us. I may have to start pumping again. The teeth aren't helping either. Ouch.
But dang, she loves to eat! The homemade baby food project is still working out. She eats far better than I do. Except for the ice cream thing. That's an issue. A couple of weeks ago I had her with me at work in the Lenexa office and the receptionist took her while I did something important. She came back to me with ice cream breath and an evil sparkle in her eyes. Now she's had it a few times and she is like a mad dog when it's around. Jealous, coveting, smacking her lips, eyeing it, and even screaming when it's not shared fast enough. Oh yes she WILL scream for Ice Cream.

She's obsessed with kitty, and he with her. He prefers to lay on top of us when we nurse, observing the process. He plays with her, he follows her, he talks to her, he's pretty gentle with her when she's grabby, and the best is that he brings her presents. This spring it's live snakes. He's deposited several on the floor in front of her when she's playing in the living room. I've pulled a couple out of the nursury area, I check her bed each night, and I found one living in a drawer in the living room, apparently tired of the fun and curled up sleeping under the mail.

He will not leave us alone. It's becoming an issue and I wonder if he was just meant to be a barn cat? He's so busy and insistent all the time. Dang... anyone want a cat that acts like a dog? I seriously am considering finding him a different home.

I'm getting a tax refund for the first time like EVER, and all I had to do was eject a person from my vagina. I'm hoping that what's left of the refund after bills plus Monkey Man's "economic stimulus" payment will pay for a bathtub. The kitchen sink/carry the baby into the shower routine isn't working too well.

Every time I whine about how small my house is, etc. I keep trying to remember my conversation with Miss Lydia about raising her kids here. She lived here for like 50 years and raised several kids. That was a lot of people! and she may not have had all the additions starting out, either. Interesting to think about. how did kids grow up and learn and become properly stimulated without all this plastic, lead filled crap back in the olden days?

Grace and I had a Jimmy Buffett dance party with pots and pan banging last Saturday morning. I'd like to tell you I'm trying not to fall prey to the commercialization and guilt and excess, but you know. Whatever. I still refuse to recycle. :)

Spring is here and we are like two little groundhogs, venturing out into the sun, squinting and rubbing our eyes. Flu season is over? Grace has been healthy as can be, other than the whole getting dropped on her head incident. Anyway, with the BABY BJORN and the STROLLER and the Jayhawks and the weather (occasionally) being nice, we seem to be more mobile and more social. And we are grateful for that, as I obviously have become obsessed with the baby and all things baby and workworkwork babybabybaby. Ba!

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One Toothbrush said...

Kalli - Grace is beautiful. Her eyes just sparkle. Thanks for posting her pics. 2 teeth already???

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