Sunday, March 02, 2008

No more Sunday Guilt...

I’ve been ending each weekend feeling guilty for all the things I don’t get done, all the “moments” with Grace I miss because I’m doing crap I DON’T want to do, and so I decided this weekend that I would write down what I did this weekend. And I’ve decided that I don’t work weekends anymore. Unless there’s an ACTUAL call or issue.
So I took the time to write as I went, and
Here’s the list:
Things I have actually accomplished this weekend (besides typing this)
Saturday, March 1, 2008

Got up at 7
Fed grace breakfast
Ate breakfast!
Sang Rock Chalk chant with grace
Posted offer on freecycle to get rid of vhs tapes
Made walmart list
Grace nap from 9:30-10:30
Changed contact lenses
Cooked chicken for tomorrow nights dinner
Went over ingredients
Made grace a jayhawk bib
Made grace a few sensory “shake” containers
Switched out laundry
Emailed freecycler about free door threshold from freecycle
Texted beck
Called hickey
Took a shower with Grace
Dressed Grace in cute little Jayhawk clothes
Played with grace
Nursed grace
Put away diapers
Spun in the chair with grace, walked her around
Work phone call from O
Work phone call from nurse
Styled my hair and put on real clothes and makeup!!
Emailed sarah about maternity clothes to give away.
Nursed Grace, searched for Jayhawk hair bow.
Left for Walmart, on the way stopped to ask if the driver of a broken down classic corvette needed help on 15th street. On 31st street, saw another broken down classic car, sad male driver waiting for help. Poor things… first nice day out with the cars.
Went to Walmart and shopped for an hour with no money. Oops.
Went to get money and retrieve my Walmart booty
Came home, changed diaper pail.
Nursed Grace, fed her sweet potatoes
Put her down for a nap.
Heather came and visited for 30 minutes.
Unloaded car
Made 2 pans of chicken enchiladas
Put one in fridge for tomorrow, put one in car for Becky
Got Grace up, nursed her
Went to pick up freecycle item from freecycler, chatted a bit
Cruised downtown, decided against getting out the stroller.
Drove down Mass and saw a “destiny” parking spot in front of FreeState/Prima Tazza
Said hello to some friends on the porch for a while, got coffee from next door
Drove over to North Lawrence to deliver Becks enchiladas and visited for a while
Went to Kwik shop for a cold drink, throat hurts!
Talked to a friend on the phone for a minute while driving
Came home, took ibuprofen
VHS tapes are gone from porch to a freecycler!
Changed Grace into Jammies
Nursed Grace, gave her dinner
Changed her again… oh yeah, prunes for breakfast.
Read her a book
Swaddled her, told her goodnight.
She’s asleep! And it’s only 9:27. Still have time to ebay, catch up on Oprah, The Soup, and maybe some L-Word. Maybe I’ll read my book for a while.
Must do dishes before bed. And take out the diapers. And hang the new curtains I bought. I should fold Grace’s clothes while I watch tv.
Wait, I wonder how the Jayhawks are doing? Isn’t there a game on?

Fell asleep at 11 on the upstairs couch.
Up at 2 because I heard Grace’s happy shout, she was awake in my bed playing with Jamie.
Traded places, went back to sleep

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Up at 9 am bad headache and sore throat.
Took vitamin C, zinc, Tylenol, ibuprofen, and some type of decongestant.
Had a protein shake and cigarette… mmm.
Fed grace
Played music and danced in the living room
Played with different sizes/textures of balls
Got grace dressed 3 times, outgrowing a bunch of clothes.
Started sorting grace’s clothes out to give stuff away left grace naked for her nap
Grace down from 11-12
Tried more clothes on grace, found an outfit that worked, and she peed on it.
Started over.
Got grace dressed.
Did morning dishes.
Put away stuff from walmart trip yesterday
Picked up kitchen and living room
Nursed grace
Signed up for Oprahs class “New Earth” with Eckhart Tolle
Went to Walgreens to get stuff for a sick friend
Went to friends house to drop stuff off and check on her dogs.
Went to Borders to get New Earth book, paid ridiculous $15 for it.
Went home, grace fast asleep in car seat.
Brought her in and put her down, approx 3 pm?
Started mad cleaning dash for dinner party tonight… my roommate and her friend are both iffy on whether or not they will be here.
Texted roommate several times to find out what’s up with the dinner party?Cleaned some more
Sorted through grace’s 6-9 month clothes bin to find bigger clothes to bring out.
Put all clothes together in laundry basket, hoping Nanny will put away.
Cleaned upstairs, vacuumed
Changed vacuum bag, used carpet sprinkly freshener on stinky rug downstairs
Vacuumed /floor furniture downstairs.
Carpet downstairs still smells like dogs. Damnit.
Ran dishwater
Took a bunch of trash out to porch
Picked up more toys
Prepped graces’ dinner for later
Nursed Grace, made faces at each other in the bathroom mirror for a while. “who da baby? YOU da baby.”
Made another protein shake, forgot to eat anything else. It’s now 4:40.
Dinner party is at 7 pm. My friend Brad is arriving at 5.
Jamie left voice msg saying her friend called in sick to work today, so doubt he’ll be coming to dinner, no word on whether or not she’s coming to dinner
Dinner party was fun, Grace had pears and yogurt, peas and carrots, and some zucchini.
I actually ate dinner! Woo hoo!
Played on the floor with grace. Kitty? Where’s the kitty? Practiced walking and talking. Bah bah bah bah bah.
Hung cheap curtains, closed all the windows as the temp drops 40 degrees tonight.
70 today, 30 tomorrow. I love Kansas.
Left guests to lay in bed with grace for a few minutes and tell her how tired she is. Sleeeeepy. Yes, very very sleepy.
Grace down at 9 pm…
Lword this week was kinda stupid and predictable.
Fun gossip with friends, Jamie in and out during party. FYI, watching lesbian television with 2 gay men leaves me thinking about what color to paint the kitchen. (plum, I think.) All in all, it was a gay old time.
Ebay auctions ended tonight! Made a lil bit of money!
Friends left, gossiped with roommate while she ate leftover chicken enchiladas.
Surfed Google Maps looking at pictures of my and my friends houses.
Going to bed at midnight. Oh, but I do need to read the first chapter of that Oprah book.
And blow out all the candles, lock up the house, decide what to wear tomorrow,
and do the dishes before bed…


Rikki said...

let me know what you think of that new earth book. should I? or shouldn't I?

fester said...

Dear BoogerBiscuit,
You're the tops

returning to red, watch out! said...

Awww. yanno, you two looked so damn cute on St. P day... in your matching greens, it was like .. look! lil pea! and mama pod!

I didn't get my nap till much much later.. lucky you to be going to yours!


"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White