Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Rules

Things people say to you when you leave your job unexpectedly:

"What are you going to do?"
I'm pretty sure I'll land exactly where I'm supposed to land.
"OH no! I'm so sorry."
Thank you, but no one died, it's okay. I'll find another job.
"What happened?"
Well if I really knew that, I would have tried to avoid it.
"Well, I guess now you can work on losing weight." (My roommate Jamie)
NO comment
"Oh dear. Do you think you can find another job?" (my mother)
No, I don't think so. Will you support me?
"Are you okay?"
Yes. I think I'm going to work on my tan.

So... my long awaited maternity leave that I never got is finally here! After spending the past 10 months running around like my ass is on fire, I've been liberated from a job that was potentially wonderful, but in reality I was never able to keep up the pace. It was a frightening position of responsibility that required 50+ hour work weeks and contained wonderful moments of advocating for some great people with disabilities, as well as working with a team of people that I genuinely respect. And I am plum wore out from was fun for a minute, but I forgot that I had a life (child) outside of work that also wanted some attention.

I do know that I put my heart and soul into the job and I'm certain I did the best I could with what I knew, how I was trained, and the level of support that I received.

The lovely thing about leaving a job... as soon as you leave they will likely re-structure the work load to make the job more sane, make things better and go on without you, despite what you might have been able to contribute to that.

Oh well. I hope only the best for the agency and the position... perhaps they will hire someone with super powers who does not have a "a family" or "a life" outside of the job.

Anyway, I have lots of ideas and hopes for other things I would like to do. I've been looking for a while...knowing I hated my job at moments and knowing things were not going to be able to continue in that manner indefinitely. I usually need a good kick in the pants from the universe to do ANYTHING, though, as we all know historically. With regard to my work history, I am not typically a "job hopper". I tend to stay and stay and stay, sometimes to my own detriment. So I look at this as a blessing... Ask me again when the money runs out and I may say something different.

In other news, Miss Grace is finally attempting to mimic words. She has lots of nonsense words and babbling that she typically does, but she is actually trying to approximate the sounds we are making at her when we ask her to say a word. Bye! Baby. ba ba (I just KNOW that will be mama soon) So it's good to be HOME today. I have a few errands to run as favors for friends, but otherwise it's just me and my Boo...

She's so busy already today. She popped up at 7 (late for her) with an agenda and a full diaper ready to take on the day. Right now she's having a "re-org" of all of her toys and attempting to survey and identify areas in which I may need further childproofing.

Later on she's planning on helping me with my resume, taking a stroll somewhere fun, and maybe logging in some time in the backyard swing.

Today we are going to go visit our friends at Healthcare Access to work out some details for Kallipalooza III, which is Friday, July 18, 2008 at Liberty Hall... more details to follow. Why, yes! I am going to spend my time during unemployment working on an event to benefit a fellow "single mama" with lots of complicated health issues, who works her little butt off each day at a local fast food joint... No insurance, no money. You know the drill. What comes around goes around... and thank the heavens and the universe and everyone else, I still got my health, my COBRA, my lovely baby... And friends who are "way out of my league" as Gypsy says.

It's a big better know the rules....

*Sometimes you fall down. And someone picks you back up.

*Just when you find something really good to chew on, someone's going to come along and dig it out of your mouth.

*If you scream loud enough that there's poop in your diaper, either someone will change it, or you'll be sitting in your own poop screaming.

*If you want to drink, you have to learn to hold your own sippy cup.

*Sesame Street is educational for EVERYONE if you are open to the messages.

*When things seem quiet in the other room, you'd better go check.

*Getting out and taking a walk solves a lot of problems.

*Sometimes you just need to take a nap.

*A smile will get you almost anything you want.

*Graham crackers are good. And for big people, they are even better with marshmallows and chocolate and good friends around the firepit.

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Rikki said...

You sound like you are on your way to a new and improved Happy Ever After. I hope you enjoy your extra time with Grace!! (and bring her by to visit me and then we can go to lunch downtown, my treat)

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White