Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Which one are you??

Warning: the following entry makes broad, sweeping, possibly bullshit assumptions about women, and may as well be avoided by boys.

Women close to my age can be divided into 2 groups. Tampon or Pad. Among the tampon users, we are each fairly loyal to our own preferred "type", mainly the flower shaped, plastic applicator Playtex, the cylindrical/cardboard applicator Tampax, and the earth friendly/no applicator OB. I'm not a pad user, never have been, so I'll skip making assumptions about them.

Most of the women I know who use OB tend to have a streak of crunchy granola running through them, either that or they just really like to get their fingers involved in the process. Space in the purse might also be a consideration. I don't know of any specific personality issues related to the Tampax vs. Playtex side of things, except to say that we are all very set in our ways when it comes to this... I don't know of woman who switches back and forth, but feel free to share!

You may be wondering why I've been thinking about this so much lately? Well, the last period I had was around May 10th of last year. So that is more than a year without a period. Yet another indicator of how deathly ill I have been, I guess? So where is it now? I guess I don't weigh enough or something. I am holding at 120 right now, and struggling to get back up to 125 when I really need to be at least 135. What a fucked up thing, to be struggling to GAIN weight.

So regarding the period. I don't really miss it. I've certainly had other stuff to deal with and I can't look back and think of a single month in the past year that having it would not have added one more straw to the camel's back. However, at nearly 37 years old, it seems a tad early to be done with this phase of my life. On the other hand, I am not in any position to procreate so perhaps I should table this one worry and go obsess on something else.


gypsy said...

I'm a tampon user all the way, but I use whatever is cheap, free, or on sale. I resent paying for those things.

Rikki said...

I like OB because they are cute. cleo found one once when she was little and said, "What is it? Can I eat it?"

RunLuluRun said...

I'm glad you are feeling better...especially better enough to blog about tampons!

ex-wicked said...

I am OB user from way back. I hate applicators, they scratch me tender spots!! I like "getting my fingers involved", since they know me tender spots the best ;P
Plus, they're hideable-in your pocket or purse or even your hand as you go to the powder room.
I, too, am glad you are posting humorous thoughts again. good sign.

Kallipalooza said...

I guess Gypsy will just stick anything up there, hmmmm??

pursegirl said...

Here are my thoughts on periods in general. By the way, I am at this very moment having such cramps it feels like my uterus is falling out. For the moment, revel in the absence of THAT!

Enarda said...

OB! I've got a little crunchy granola girlchild hidden in me. Plus I agree the plastic types scratch.

You got me beat Kalli! I dropped to 110, but I'll rebound hopefully soon. I don't miss periods either, but I still have to decide on whether or not to go into menopause for good, so I hear you on the age/early menopause thing too.

I'm glad your feeling better, and I'll get out of my slump and call you soon.

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