Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well, I can't seem to get this infection under control, and no one here in Lawrence can either, so I am going over to KU Med for another (hopefully brief) visit. I asked Dr. Delcore to just shoot me today, and he said he would rather try IV antibiotics first.

In the past few days, the pain has been really awful, and I had to return the poor kitty to it's first owner. I just couldn't keep up with him... he was a wild thing. It breaks my heart, because he really was bonding with me, but he just would not slow down. He was goinggoinggoing all the time, and I can barely move, let alone keep up with that. Luckily, there were some others interested in him, so I am sure he'll have a better home than I was able to provide, at least for right now. I shouldn't have rushed into that decision.

In addition, I accidentally dumped all my email from 4th of July weekend on, so if you've tried to reach me, I am still here...just technologically challenged. I blame the fever. Beau, if you read this, call me on my cell so I know when you'll be in town exactly! I seriously hope that I'll only be at KU for a couple of days.

Hopefully I will be less reclusive and feeling up to more social interaction when I return, I apologize to those of you who I haven't talked to lately.

I'll have Scott update if I can't... later!


Rikki said...

oh sorry! What a bummer. I wish someone could kiss it and make it feel better. xoxoxoxoxxo

Travis said...

Feel better, Kalli. :)


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