Sunday, July 03, 2005

Poor Nameless Kitty...

We seem to have a tie going right now between "Noodle" and "Gonzo"... Still waiting for more ideas and/or votes!
In the meanwhile, he gets called whatever seems appropriate at the moment.
Kitty love
Little Man
Ki ki ki ki ki!!!!
Mr. Whiskers
Little thang

That last one was after a foray through some potted plants, dirt flying everywhere, and after he overturned a spider plant, he used the basket it was in to sharpen his little claws.

Which reminds me... in the big debate over the name, the inevitable question of "to de-claw or not to de-claw" will be coming soon, probably when he gets neutered. I don't know that I'll be taking votes on that one.

Anyway, Scott reminded me tonight that Sebastian was quite a handful the first year. Very demanding, active, and always in trouble. I am going to do some kitten proofing tomorrow and hope for the best. I always forget how much work they are when they are just babies. There's something to be said for adopting adult animals.

Luckily, he's just so dang cute.


gayhorrorgeek said...

It is interesting reading about fucker's exploits as I am contemplating getting another kitty. I wanted to get a small one so Puppy won't be scared of it, but I remember well those years of shredded curtains and overturned plants.

RunLuluRun said...

Yes! Kittens are cute, but they are half angel and half devil. I can't wait to meet the no-name cat.

gypsy said...

Hey, unrelated to the kitty...

I wanted to tell the most avid bacon lover I know about something I learned of last night: bacon tempura. It can't suck... in moderation.

Rikki said... him Bacon.

RunLuluRun said...

Name him Fake Bacon

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