Thursday, June 02, 2005

Off to KU Med I go...

Today was a good day! I actually got a few things done at work, and that was nice. I also learned from a doctor that I should pack a bag for my trip to KU Med tomorrow morning, as she felt it was likely that they might keep me. Well, better to be prepared, I suppose.

My friend Heather helped me make a master list of contacts and phone numbers of all those who need to be “in the know”, so it’s made and copied and I will make sure everyone gets it. There’s a stack of them inside my front door, and Scott and Becky and Megan should all have copies also. Those 3 people would be the easiest to call to ask what’s up if anyone needs to know the latest scoop. Megan is also going to be my blog master, and will post for me when I am in the hospital or if there’s any news to report.

The dogs seem to be friendly with one another again, if only to fight their way to be closest to me today. They’ve both refused to leave my side.

After I went to work, I stopped at a garage sale on the way home (hey, we have to have priorities, right???) and found a large bag of lovely flat marbles. I don’t really know why I felt compelled to buy them, but I did. When I got home, the construction guys were laying a concrete end to my driveway to make it match the new street/curb. It looks lovely, and Meg and I decorated an entire corner of the new cement with the lovely marbles. It looks way cool. This afternoon I left the guys a pitcher of iced tea and plastic cups on the back of my car in the driveway for them to help themselves while they worked there. When I got back from an errand to Walgreens, it was gone, and I asked if they wanted iced tea or lemonade this round. About 10 guys yelled “Lemonade!” so I made another pitcher, they emptied, and I made some more. They seemed quite pleased with their beverage bar on the back of my car, and I got a very pretty driveway. They even helped a bit with the placing of the decorative marbles, although you could tell they thought I was a little bit whacked. Plus I still look like a big bloated tick. I did manage to color my hair last night and put on makeup today, so I wasn’t too icky.

What’s in my bag to take to the Med center:
2 pairs of hospital shorts (so my rear doesn’t hang out)
a t-shirt
a leopardskin fur neck pillow
a couple of card games
2 books
toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrush
phone charger, IPAQ charger
a tiara

One of my friends asked today if I could ask for a tummy tuck while they’re in there pulling out dead pancreas. I think I will ask. My doctors reports (that I am taking in tomorrow) were fun to read, except for the part about the entire tail and most of the body of the pancreas being gone. I guess there’s a little head left… hopefully I can get by with a little head. I’ll be asking about that, too.

Regarding recent comments. I love Little Edie Beale’s suggestion about if the doc is married and/or has a straight, employed son who isn’t in a band. Hee!! Go read his blog “Gayhorrorgeek” right now if you haven’t. He’s hilarious.
Thanks Lisa, sorry I haven’t been in touch but obviously you know why… I’m still reading you, though!
I love Anne Tyler now, and will be taking one of hers with. I already did Middlesex, and it was a great read.
If you want to see about the doc, copy and paste my link from a couple days ago into your browser. The link itself didn’t work for some reason, but if you copy and paste it will.
He looks like as good as I can get for the pancreas.

Well, I’ll either be posting again tomorrow or I’ll have Meg do it for me… stay tuned…

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