Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It's NOT working!! Posted by Hello

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RunLuluRun said...

Figuring boys out...I think Homer Simpson summed it all up so perfectly. In one episode of the Simpson's Lisa was feeling sad. Her dad asked her if she wanted to talk to him about her feelings. She said, "No, Dad. You wouldn't understand my feelings".

He was insensed and said, "I do understand feelings!!! I HAVE feelings, like 'My tummy hurts!!!' and 'I'm going crazy!!!'".

Yep. Brilliant. That's it. That sums up all of mens feelings EVER. Their tummy hurts, or they are going crazy.

I'll act this out for you next time we hang out. It's much more interesting with the actions that go with it. I love the Simpsons. Once I married Homer...did I tell you about this?



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