Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ummm. Okay.

I'll never figure boys out. My 41 year old boyfriend of the past 5+ years has decided to join his loser roommates in a trip down Pathetic Lane. He wants to "jam whenever he wants with the bands that practice at his house", and "not have to have scheduled time to spend with me", and "it's just not fun anymore".

Hello? Did I miss something? I'm seriously so stunned I haven't shed a single tear... thank GAWD for girlfriends, though. I've had unbelievable support from some of the best women ever.

And I am totally psyched about THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES on Feb.20 & 21.
Also, Miss Mac hooked me up with the Lawrence Arts Center, and I am selling some scarves there in the Gallery shop for Valentine's Day. Something good must come from this holiday.

My car has taken a turn for the worse, and is resting peacefully in the driveway for now until we can raise enough money for chemo or whatever it is that they do to cars. My parents have thankfully agreed to loan me their lovely white Ford Tempo, so I will be back on the road in style (sort of) after the weekend.

Check out www.kraftykallipalooza.blogspot.com for pics of the scarves and other time fillers of the first "single-girl" weekend in a looooooooooong time.
I am seriously considering cleaning and rearranging the house and embarking on a new eating and exercise plan, a true sign of a woman on the recieving end of getting totally screwed in a relationship.

Classic quote from Ginger, my mother... "Well, I hope you get out and get started dating right away. You still have a little time to get married and have a baby." I'll get right on that.


Rikki said...

tomorrow, 8pm, harbor
be there for some girl lovin' from your girl friends...and cocktails to help get over the cock, of course. xoxoxo

RunLuluRun said...


Yes, the loser boyfriends - we need to create a colony for them and they can all go live there, jam with their buddies, watch porn, never bath, never get laid, and feel really happy, free, and fulfilled. There can be a big welcome mat for them that stinks like beer and smoke. They have to be underemployed and over 35 to get in. We don't have to visit there ever!

You fricking rock and I'm glad you are in such a strong place with this. Run Kalli Run! You are facing in the right direction. Just keep walking.

Last night was so fun. I'm glad we can hang out these days and have some cocktails and laughs. You are amazingly cool and that loser is a fool!

Kallipalooza said...

This loser loves you. Won`t you please wake up and smell the dog piss? I see that I`m a cock. This loser cock tries to pay most of his bills on time. You ,Lovey, are racking up debt that I can`t cover. I`m a drugged-up, drunken loser asshole cock. Can I buy you a bottle of wine to wash down that galaxy of pills you take? I love you but I have to love myself first. FESTER

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White