Monday, August 15, 2011

A note from Grace.

Mama says everyone is asking about how I am doing since we moved, so I thought I’d answer this myself. I am doing good.

I like our new house, it is clean and pretty, and I have lots of places to play. I am still trying to remember to call it OUR house instead of “Gammie’s house”. Gammie is a star in the sky now. I like being able to play out in front of the house and in the backyard. There are a lot of parks here. Sometimes Gomie comes over on the golf cart and takes me to parks. She stays on the cart while I run around and play… I love it when there are actually other kids there. I miss having other kids to play with. I am very boring without school.

Speaking of school, it starts next week, and I am very excited. I drive by my new school every day and look at the playground next to it. It is called the Stafford Early Learning Center, and it is right next door to the elementary school. I will be going to school from 8 am until 11:30 am, and then I will go play out at my friend Christine’s house. We are going to call her and visit her soon to talk about this. It will cost $2 an hour to go there every afternoon, and I am hoping my Gopa will pick me up at school and take me out there because it would be a long walk.

There is a big dirt field next door to our house. I don’t know what it is for, maybe some years the farmer plants things in it, this year it is dry and dusty. Our backyard is exciting with lots of neat things to play with, including the cars that Gopa collects and works on, they are called “Datsun 280 Z’s” and Mama says she learned to drive on one of them. I guess she was not very good at it at first, something about a “stick”? and some hills and it took her 3 tries to pass the test.

The mosquitoes here are huge. They have been waiting for us, it was dry all summer but it has rained a few times now and they are hungry. We hate bug bites. One night it rained and thundered and lightninged. It was very windy and I was asleep so Mama and Andy say that they put me in the closet to sleep for a while. I don’t remember this, but they showed me a picture. Mama said she was just being “parent noid.”

Speaking of Andy, he left a few days ago. I was NOT sad, but Mama and Andy cried a little bit. I was very mean and angry when we came inside after saying goodbye to him, and I had a few fits that day. The next day I asked Mama if Andy went back to our old house to live with Caitrin, and she said No. Caitrin and her dog moved into our old house. Scott is very sad. He writes me letters and sends me things in the mail. Today I opened a letter from him and after Mama read it to me I said “I will always remember this.” Then I counted the money that he sent me and started thinking about what kind of toy I was going to get with $8.

Mama has a couple of friends here in Stafford, both are from “high school” whatever that is. One is named Petunia and one is named Daisy… Mama says those are Soodo Nims. They are both very funny, but in different ways. Mama says she is grateful that she has people to visit us and do things with. There are other friends here which Mama says we will meet later on when school starts. Mama has been to two meetings and a job interview since we got here. She said she really liked some of the ladies from the second meeting she went to, and she went and met them for coffee on Saturday while I stayed at Gomie and Gopa’s. Mama says she is still looking for more good meetings, and hopes she doesn’t have to go to any more job interviews. Today she has been pacing around waiting to hear about a job, and she has a job offer as well to consider.

Gomie and Gopa have a lot of dogs. They are all big and drooly with long ears, and they bark a LOT. They are very loud and jump on people when you visit their house. Sometimes I don’t want to go over there because of the dogs, and sometimes I don’t mind them. Sometimes I just don’t want Mama to leave me, I get worried if she’s not around since we are in a new place. Today Mama and I walked to a park, and tonight we “rode around” town with Gomie in the golf cart. Mama said we were quite a picture, but I didn’t see any cameras so I don’t know what she is talking about. Yesterday we met Daisy and her son at the Stafford Pool, and it was fun. It was HUGE! I told Mama I still want to go to JohnRothwell’s pool and Aunt Megan’s pool. I miss swimming with Lindsey and Alexandra. I really miss Mallory, I brought out my Summer 2011 Educare picture page and showed mama all my friends, especially Mallory. Tomorrow we are going to practice writing and send out thank you notes to everyone who brought me presents, carried boxes, helped Mama pack, took care of me, and helped us to move. It was so much fun to have all of my favorite people in the house when we first got here. Scott and Tricia and Becky and Andy and John Hickey. I was sad when everyone left, but I didn’t cry.

Well, I am bored. I have been watching tv and playing with my toys, and Mama and I colored together today. I also help vacuum and dust. Soon it will be time to go to bed in my Princess bed in my Princess room, wearing my Princess nightgown and reading a Princess story. Mama said she is buying me a remote control truck and some dinosaurs to counter balance the princess situation, whatever that means.

I miss everyone in Lawrence, and I miss the Jayhawks and my school and Dog Days. Most of the time I don’t think about it, but we look at pictures of our friends in Lawrence and my grandma and grandpa in Kansas City, and sometimes I ask questions about when we are going back to our “real house”. I get confused sometimes. Mama says that’s okay, she gets confused a lot too.

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