Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Home sweet home...

"The number of homebuyers who agreed to purchase an existing home sank to a new low recently, as economic woes turned them away from the staggering housing market..."

Well, seems like as good a time as any to sell my house. I have made it as clean and pretty and uncluttered as possible, which isn't much by anyone else's "normal" standards.

I still have poor abandoned "Delores the Taurus" hunkered down in the driveway (hey, at least she's not in the yard on blocks. Yet.) I am thinking about adding her on the sale of the house and having the car put into the MLS as a "Storage Unit". Honestly, I think you could fit some stuff in there. I always did when I was driving it, for that matter.

Now that the house is cleaned out by about half, our clutter is gone, and this has necessitated some major overhauling and re-organization, I kind of like the house again. It's cute. However, I am still hankering for a big eat-in kitchen area... I want a place where there is a table, and my friends can drop by (after they call, first***) and we'll sit around the kitchen table drinking coffee and gossiping, having gourmet dinner parties, and old-fashioned "game night". Jamie says there is nothing stopping me from having people over now, I say it's too small and crowded and we can only have one guest at a time. More than that and it's hard to breathe.

Also, I can't re-finance the house right now, so I need to go rent for a year or so and get my credit on track. It's like a "credit crash-diet". I thought about blogging about it and reporting publicly all my bill paying, debts, purchases, and exercises in frugality that I will be undergoing, but then I realized it would be torturous for all of you as well as me.

Okay, so regarding THE DROP IN... who out there is alive right now that did not see that episode of Seinfeld or otherwise hear of how dreaded the unannounced DROP IN is? Or the phone call where you state: "I'm just checking to see if you're home, thought I'd drop by." Okay, it's at least a phone call (warning) but doesn't leave much room for input. I just said recently "NO. I'm not home. It's not a good time." I wasn't home. But what if I was? Again with the small house, if you are hanging out in the living room the front door is soooo right there that it is very difficult to ignore a knock or hide from guests. There's a window right there. I think maybe I need better curtains, I guess. I'll just lock the door and hide.

I guess I need to get better at stating what I want and don't want. I can't help but think that a move would make this drop in more difficult, if for no other reason than that it will be easier to ignore the doorbell. More distance between front entryway and living area, with no view inside.

We will see.... I know that much is up in the air right now about whether or not a potential rental option will open up at the right time when when when I sell the house.

I have a statue of St. Joseph buried in the yard.


gypsy said...

I hate being dropped in upon. I didn't used to hate it, but I do now. Hate.

Sorry. I'll stop doing it to you. ;)

Rikki said...

I just need people to call first because if I'm holding our cat Johnny, the sound of the door bell freaks her out and she'll slit my throat in an effort to scram. (Or my stomach, as was the case when Megan called first and I didn't throw the cat off fast enough)

I'm rarely a dropper-byer, but if I am, you should be thrilled to see me because I really truly had a wild hair up my ass you just can't do much about that, can you?

Anonymous said...

Love the Drake -- hate the pop-in!!

Redhead Fae said...

Despite the OMG Economy, three houses have sold on our street in the past few months. Have faith!

My house rule? If I didn't get a phone call, I don't even come to the door. I'm still debating on getting one of the awful doormats that say "F*ck Off* but I might see if I can find a Brit one that says Buggerov for a bit of propriety.

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White