Monday, March 02, 2009


Overheard way too often in my house:

  • Put that down.

  • Can you pick that up?

  • Bring it here.

  • Give it to me.

  • Drop it. Drop it. Let Go.

  • We don't do that with pancakes.

  • Crayons (playdough, dirt, plants, money, socks) are not for eating.

  • Use your words.

  • I'm sorry you're mad.

  • What's in your mouth?

  • That's not for you.

  • The phone is not a toy.

  • Can I have my phone please?

  • The door-stop is not a phone.

  • Do you need to "nuggle"?

  • Blow.

  • Walk!

  • Hold still.

  • Will you watch her so I can take a nap?

  • Quick, get a towel.


What Grace Says...

  • walky walky.

  • Go?

  • Monkey.

  • More cookie?

  • Hi kitty cat.

  • Chickie Nuggie?

  • Milk. Milk, please.

  • Here go.

  • Tank you.

  • Mama?

  • Itsy Pider.

  • Up, peez.

  • Nonononono.

  • TV?

  • Elmo.

  • Abby. Jack. Dora.

  • Bird tweet tweet.

  • Ok. ok.

  • Ok Mama.

  • Andy?

  • Hi Jamie. Or Amie.

  • Hi Dott.

  • Bicky, Header, Goma, Gopa,

  • I lub you.

  • La la la.

  • Cookie?

  • Mine.

  • Baff. Take a baff? Quack quack.

  • Weed. Weed? Weed. Book?

  • Night night ceiling fan.

  • Night night. Kiss.


gypsy said...

I lub you too.

Rikki said...

when she's a little older, you'll learn to say, "So, is that your *best* whiney voice?", "Because I said so!" and "I'll give you something to cry about!"

RunLuluRun said...

Ahhhhh. How sweet. She is a doll!

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