Thursday, January 01, 2009


Stuff: Resolutions
Health, Responsibility, Connections with friends and family, and Mommy Stuff

I will stop making fun of Dick Clark when he garbles out the countdown in Times Square.

I will reduce my sugar consumption. (That one’s for you, Dr. Stuever.) (Health Stuff)

I will start putting the toilet paper roll ON the holder.

I will increase my fiscal responsibility. (Decrease impulse spending, don’t buy what don’t need, save money, pay bills on time. Sigh. Where’s the extra money from not drinking??? Where’s the extra money from not smoking? According to my QUITCOUNTER, I’ve saved over $500 since quitting cigarettes in October. Where is it?)
(Responsibility Stuff.)

I will say yes more often to invitations, offers to help, and opportunities to experience new things. (Friend and Family Stuff)

I will figure out how to negotiate a mutually satisfying balance between the safety of closeness and the excitement of exploration with Grace.

I will limit how much I read books on how to Raise My Child. Which also reminds me… my latest read: The Emotional Life of a Toddler (Remain available and supportive of her so she doesn’t suffer permanent emotional damage and learns to cope with disappointment.)
(Mommy stuff)

I will try to figure out why I sometimes wet my pants a little when brushing my teeth. (Stuff you didn’t really need to know)

I will start watering the plants regularly.

I will drink some of that water myself, instead of soda.

I will try to consolidate the “piles” of crap that pop up regularly in various places in my house.

I will try not to cuss so damn much. Shit.

I will keep my car as clean as is possible with cheerios and toys added into the mix. Note: never leave a sippy cup of milk unattended under the front seat. (More Responsibility Stuff.)

I will try harder to be patient and kind to those around me. (Family/Friend Stuff)

I will sit on the floor and read or play whenever possible…this is the Good Stuff.

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Redhead Fae said...

Yay! a new entry and now I know what's up with Grace and you.

Happy New Year, gal, and really,.. congrats on the milestone of quitting since October. THAT was a tough one for you and you can be proud.


"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White