Tuesday, September 16, 2008


As we get nearer to the election, I am excited to see who will end up being president. I am deeply happy that the reign of the current administration will be over soon. But even more is at stake this coming November, friends!! If we don't vote yes on #2 and 3 on our local Lawrence KS ballot, our public transit system is seriously screwed. Fo' shizzle.

I can't even begin to tell you how many people I know who will be deeply affected by this. As you know, I've worked for many years for people who have various disabilities. Part of the process of helping people to have real lives, to live independently, to have choice and control, and to function and work in the community is to give them access to transportation. Consider this every time you get in your car... to drive to work, to run to the grocery store, to run downtown to meet people for dinner.

You personally may not be riding the T, but I promise you lots of people are... and it's incredibly important to them to be able to do so. You know, I've enjoyed an overpriced late night ride in a taxi a few times in my life... Think of what it would be like to rely on 842 TAXI not just when you've imbibed a little too much and need a ride home late at night, but to actually pay them to get to the store, to get to work, etc. That would SUCK:)

And it would be incredibly expensive, I know I could not afford it, and I'm not on a fixed income like many people who are in need of public transportation.

As someone who has been rebelling against recycling for years, sucking up the horrific gas prices in Delores the Taurus, throwing away plastic grocery sacks, and is quite possibly the least eco-friendly girl in town, even I can see that it makes economical and environmental sense to have public transit.

I'm really worried about how I'm going to help people find jobs if they can't get to them. I can't drive them all. My car is too messy. I'm not that reliable, and I'm never on time anywhere.

Please, please please vote YES to #2 and #3 on the ballot. As an added bonus, it's a good way to piss off that jackass "Merrill" on the radio in the mornings, as well.

The Lawrence City Commission is putting the fate of public transit in your hands.
A pair of sales tax measures will appear on the Nov. 4th ballot, Questions 2 & 3.
Since Commissioners have authorized no other funds for public transit in 2009, we can continue and improve the bus system, the T, only by voting YES on Questions 2 & 3.
If we do not vote yes, The BUS SYSTEM here in Lawrence is GONE. Done. Kaput!! No public transportation.

Dear friends,
Many positive developments have taken place in the "Yes for Transit" campaign.We now have "Vote Yes for Transit" yard signs, flyers, and several active committees (Canvassing, Strategy, Speakers, Publicity and Finance). We will soon have bumper stickers, lapel pins, and other publications. We've received two $5,000 grants (from the American Public Transportation Association and the Amalgamated Transit Union) and several dozen grants from local supporters, amounting to several thousand additional dollars.In other words, with exactly seven weeks to go until T Day -- Tuesday, Nov. 4, when voters will be asked to approve Questions 2 & 3 for public transit -- we're in decent shape. But we still have a long way to go. To bring the campaign to a victorious conclusion, to ensure that voters say "Yes for Transit," we need more -- more help, more effort, more funding. With that in mind, we're hosting our second VOLUNTEER FAIR next MONDAY, SEPT. 22, from 6-8 pm at the Public Library (at 7th & Vermont). WE INVITE EVERYONE TO JOIN US -- to learn about our committees, to sign up for specific tasks, to get campaign materials, to share ideas. Please join us Monday if you're free. And there are other things you can do as well:o IF YOU'D LIKE A YARD SIGN, email campaign coordinator Lisa-Marie Wright:
vote.yes.transit@gmail.comWe plan to distribute many hundreds of yard signs on the weekend of Sept. 27-28, and we will ultimately distribute thousands of these signs. I'm attaching a PDF of the sign, below, so that you can see what it looks like.o IF YOU'D LIKE TO DONATE TO THE CAMPAIGN, you can send checks (payable to "Save the T") to PO Box 1131, Lawrence KS 66044.We currently have roughly one-third of the funding we will ultimately need to bring the campaign across the finish line, so every contribution helps enormously. We published our first Yes for Transit ad in the Journal-World this morning (I'm attaching a PDF of this, too) and we will ultimately run several more ads, and radio and TV spots as well. And, as you can imagine, we have innumerable other costs as well. So donations will be put to many good uses.o IF YOU'D LIKE TO SPREAD THE WORD, you can download our "Yes for Transit" flyer (attached) and print copies for friends and other contacts. If you have access to a color copier...all the better, since you can print the flyer either in color or in B&W.Also, if you have other ideas or concerns to share with us, we'd like to hear from you. Just email Lisa-Marie Wright c/o vote.yes.transit@gmail.com with those thoughts, too. AND YOU'RE WELCOME TO DISTRIBUTE THIS MESSAGE AS WIDELY AS YOU LIKE. If you coordinate other online lists, or simply have friends you think would like to see this message, please feel free to forward it to them.Thanks all! As you can tell, we have high hopes for the campaign; and your involvement will help us succeed.Thanks again; all the best,DavidDavid Smith, Yes for TransitCampaign to Save the TPO Box 1131, Lawrence KS 66044

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