Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh the drama...

Well, apparently I hit a nerve with the comments about daycare. I would like to point out a couple of things though, as it is obvious that my blog address has been passed around to multiple day-care providers, and rather than deleting comments or ignoring, I am choosing to address this.

First of all, was I wrong to make an issue of personality traits that I observed in this day care provider? Maybe, but I make funny observations about people all the time. This blog states at the top: Random thoughts about nothing in particular, executed with alternating fits of bitchiness and/or sentimentality.

This is NOT a reference page intended to recommend or disparage DAY CARE PROVIDERS. If you are referencing my page looking for tips and hints on selecting childcare, choosing a provider in the Lawrence KS area, or any other helpful hints about the joys of being a mommy, you came to the wrong place. Believe me, there are many resources out there to help you, this is not one of them.

folks.... it's my blog about nothing... my daily life, my past, my sometimes arduous journey. It's meant to make people laugh and perhaps inspire a few people... I think it's done that. It's crazy observations about stuff, usually slanted toward the funny or meaningful. My intent was not to slander anyone, had I thought anything was truly wrong with the day care, believe me... I would not have been addressing the issue in a blog. I have SRS on my speed-dial, people.

I also mentioned 2 things that are notable. I stated that the provider and Grace "did not hit it off". That is true, and I don't believe I am assigning blame for that. I also stated that I asked someone more objective to observe the situation, and she agreed that "Grace's reaction was definitely beyond typical separation anxiety". Again, no blame here. The issue was and always has been GRACE'S REACTION.

Also, the woman was telling me daily what a rough time Grace was having, and she really seemed tired of it. I would have been as well. The ONLY time I ever showed up at naptime to pick her up was the day I removed her from the placement permanently, after Grace's aunt observed a terrible drop off that morning. If I did show up at an inconvenient time prior to that, I was not told that. If she had an issue, she should have stated so. I really really despise passive aggressive and evasive behavior, I am all about being straight up and honest. I also stated that I asked myself several questions: including was something weird there, or was the issue with Grace?
I don't think I was unfair in my assessment process, and I made the decision to place Grace elsewhere. No big deal. It is INTERESTING that Grace did fine at the next places. INTERESTING. That is all. A friend of mine has her child at this daycare, and I assume that she is still there... haven't heard anything different.

However, I am a little concerned that you DAY CARE PROVIDERS need to back the fuck off, get off the computer, and go give the kiddos that you are being paid to take care of some attention.

If ya'll want to read any more about my personal opinion of this woman or anyone else I encounter in my daily life, you are welcome to come back and keep reading... the woman has obviously passed my blog address around to all of you for your entertainment. I sure am glad that I did not say her last name, or the name of her daycare, because that would be wrong. It would also be wrong to post information about my personal experience with this situation on any of the public message boards here in town that she might be advertising on, looking for another child to fill that slot.
And if for some reason you DID come to this page looking for help selecting a child-care provider, my best advice is: DO NOT RELY ON THE INTERNET!! Personal and business web sites can say anything, positive or negative. Instead, you may want to get reliable recommendations from people that you know and trust.


Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said... is naptime here and my parents know not to be knocking on my door and waking up sleeping children (and they are all sleeping)...therefore I have time to talk on the phone (Hi PaytonPoo), do a work out video (Jillian..AGAIN)..and catch up on the drama happening in other daycare providers lives..which at the moment includes your postings in your blog. Now aren't you special..

..and how does your employer feel about you blogging while you are suppose to be working? Since you just started working you might want to concentrate on your job so your not standing in the welfare line :)

Queenalicious said...

For God's sake! Who are these self-righteous, self-centered people who think they have the right to comment so personally on the way a stranger is raising her child?! You have the complete right to decide where your baby is and who is taking care of her, end of story.

Give beautiful little Gracie a kiss for me. Love ya - e

Anonymous said...

Actually you are the victim here because the first DCP used you to get attention for herself (imagine how she is basking in the glow right now) and your blog added some spice to their boring list.

Do any of these idiots even know you? Of course not. They don't know you went through 18 months of hell, almost dying multiple times, were given the miracle of baby Grace after being told you would never get pregnant nor would you be able to carry a baby. They don't know how respected you are in the community and in your work area. They don't know how you have put on annual fund raising events for people in need. They don't know what a witty and funny writer you are and obviously don't know your sarcastic twists.

They are fools so ignore them.

Kimberly said...

..another anonymous..of course we will never be able to figure out who wrote that..

Becky said...

I really do hope that your precious baby is happy in her new placement. I also am glad to hear that you were blessed with her after everything you had been through.
I also hope the first provider fills her spot with a family that she has the key to... because she really IS a good provider.

I think the lesson learned here is... everyone is different. Not every provider has the key to every child but that does NOT make that person a bad provider. And it does NOT make the parent or child bad either. They just were not a good fit. And it IS okay to find the right fit for your child. Just please remember that every provider has a heart, feelings, emotions. We put a LOT of love, patience, time, concern and yes... WORK into our childcare business. When you leave a childcare placement... try to remember that "key" analogy and try to have only kind words to share.
We are an example to the children in our lives... and we want to teach them kindness above all.

Kallipalooza said...

Right on, Becky. Thanks for the input. I think we've all made our points sufficiently, and I'm going back to blogging about things that are more interesting than this. Well, if not more interesting, at least more positive!

Rikki said...

I don't get it. Grace likes messy dusty houses, so why doesn't she come over here and hang with me and Cleo? If she likes dog puke on the carpet, she'd LOVE it here, too. ;-)

I want to teach her how to say "moist". Have you been working on that?

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