Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Vacation

It's been a while since I had a summer vacation. I'm enjoying the hell out of it, too. So far I've been to a family reunion in Wichita, to Topeka to the Library, and to Tonganoxie for a wedding shindig.

In fictional travels, I've spent lots of time on Sesame Street, I've been in Baltimore on The Wire, and in Texas for Friday Night Lights. I've been checking out some historic churches in England via Ken Follett's The Pillars of The Earth, and just finished a lovely week in Manhattan via The Friday Night Knitting Club. I treated myself to David Sedaris' When You Are Engulfed in Flames, which is all over the place.

I've stayed busy planning Kallipalooza III, which is set for July 18th and hopefully the auction will be silent, but not invisible. It's been slow going but I think we'll have some STUFF for sale. I am too unorganized, as usual, to properly I end up running around with a squawking kid under one arm, donation request letters and posters in the other hand, cell phone ringing, diaper bag leaking milk from a sippy cup slung over one shoulder, begging people to donate ANYTHING to our silent auctionit'sforagoodcause,youseeiwassickandnowimwellandijustwanttodosomethingniceblahblahblah.

I've been talking with some folks about jobs, thinking about updating my resume, and procrastinating doing anything that can be procrastinated, like boring insurance stuff, financial stuff, and anything remotely "responsible", like "dishes" and "housecleaning" and "exercising" and "testing my blood sugar".... instead I'm "gardening" (puttering around the yard moving things and planting flowers that I don't water) and "decorating" (buying paint and supplies and letting them sit on my porch waiting for the kitchen/bathroom painting fairy to come).

As a mommy, I rock right now. Nothing is more important than a spontaneus game of peek-a-boo or patty cake. Grace is on a good schedule, she's behaving well despite some rather painful looking toothies coming in, and she's eating great. I've been getting creative with the finger foods, hunting down fun and healthy options, and some not so healthy things like baby's first cupcake (hey, it's my birthday. It had to be done.) She's nursing a lot right now, which allows me to continue to ignore my diabetes a little longer, and to put off the inevitable sagging that is around the corner.

It's my birthday. I'm 39. Good to be here for another one.

I got a great deal on some kitty flea control on EBAY.

In other news, I have been diagnosed with ADD.


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