Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy happy.

Life sure is good lately. I've been trying to get anxious and depressed, maybe with a little bit of bitching thrown in, but no luck. I'm feeling all positive, productive, and happy.

I'm amused endlessly by my friends... One of the team of Uncles, I'll call him Uncle Smartass to protect his identity, he got into an altercation with the bastards down at Sunflower, and when they offered to call security on his ass, he told them to go ahead and call Osama Bin Simons, he didn't give a shit . Just a little local Lawrence amusement... Every media outlet in this town is owned by the Simons family. Its all part of the right wing conspiracy, I'm sure.

I've officially become the cranky old pregnant lady on my block... I yelled at some boys in their 20s driving a little Toyota truck thru the field across from my house. I tattled to the police for their reckless "mudding" thru the field, then saw the truck hours later doing it again and called the damn police AGAIN! I was pissed. I almost shook my fist at them. I told the cops they were white, in their early 20s, fraternity boys, and they were HIGH-FIVING each other. That really irked me. Little fuckers. OK, I made up the fraternity part, but I bet they are.

Lucy is becoming strung out on Benadryl. I've been spiking her cheese with it to soothe her during thunderstorms. She's such a shaky little fraidy dog when it storms.

I'm trekking out to Stafford for Mother's day. Ginger will probably dig that... She really just wants someone to help her unpack that huge house. Its very cool that they are getting to move back in. I'm mainly excited about the porch. I really like that porch. I'm going to sit my big fat pregnant self on the front porch and let the town gossips speculate on whether there's a baby daddy, and if I know who he is, etc.

There was a swap meet down at the fairgrounds last weekend, and I drove past it a couple of times. I told a few friends that it looked like a good place to go search for a baby daddy. Just someone to bring home a paycheck once in a while, knock me around a bit, and then go out and watch some Nascar and git his drink on.

Thankfully things aren't at all dire with the actual respectable baby daddy. We got some good advice on working together to figure out a workable co-parenting solution for our little button, Grace. And at least Grace gets some good IQ genes and maybe even some musical or mathmatical talent. Poor lil thing wouldn't stand a chance in those 2 areas over here on the maternal side. She will, however, be doubly blessed with a sense of humor, and she'll probably need it.

Must lay on the couch and watch The OC now.


Christina said...

You would like the gossip mongers in SF to be debating the issue!!! At least they'll be leaving some other poor sucker alone.

Tanya said...

well, I spent most of my parenting career as a single mom, so if you ever need advice, help, a willing ear, you got it here.

Meg Moran said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

I laughed all the way thru your post...having been pregnant and gouchy before. I can't believe those renegades were "high-fiving" each other..the nerve! Careful sweetcakes, 18 years from now Grace will be thinkin they are the men of her dreams! Ha, a mother's nightmare. So enjoy it now, while you can still just watch and wait. It gets good...really really good.

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White