Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Crazy Train... click for pics

I've decided to start making mix CD's for the Button... Maybe I'll play them for him in utero, to get him used to the crazy before he gits here. I keep saying "he". I don't know that to be true. It might be a "she".

I am no longer hoping for one or the other, I honestly just want one with a small head. It's what my vagina would want, if she could talk.

I've asked Fester to make a CD of himself playing guitar and singing lullabyes... or whatever he considers to be appropriately close to lullabies. That oughta be interesting. Uncle Andy's Lullaby CD. This may be a best seller, who knows? The Godfatha, Scott, is going to teach the Button all about running, farting, and coin collecting. He will definitely be the "pull my finger" uncle.

My first trimester mix CD will contain some Ozzy Osbourne, of course, and maybe some Five for Fighting "History Starts Now" or whatever that song is. And Gnarles Barkely, "Crazy". and something about miracles and rainbows, I'm sure. Need to find some Bob Denver for that.
Oops, I mean JOHN Denver. Not Gilligan. Pregnancy makes you stupid. Did you know that?

Next week I'll be officially in the second trimester. Yippee!! They say it's much easier than the first, and since the first has been so unbelievably easy physically (it's all relative after my crazy past couple of years, you know.) I figure that the only way for the second trimester to get any easier would be if I win the lottery. That would solve a few things.

I'd hire someone to clean my freakin' house, or possibly just leave it behind and start over in another, cleaner house. In a better school district. That makes me giggle. Who'da thought??

I went to Stafford for Gammie's 85th birthday and told her of my impending virgin birth... she didn't buy that one. WhatEVER. She seems happy, although with raised eyebrows. She has no idea what I can do on my own... not that I got this way on my own, but I'm pretty comfortable with my ability to take it from here and do just fine. One day at a time and all that shit.

From one of my favorite meditations:

Now is a turning point. If you choose to open your heart, miracles will unfold. Later, you'll see more. You'll see how it worked out. How it needed to be just so.

And there you have it.

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