Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's a good day...click for pics

Overheard today...

"Well, I woke up bound and determined to have a bad day, but by god, it sure is beautiful out, and no matter what I do, I'm still having a good day."
--Southpark noon AA meeting

"I don't need to read all that shit. I just get up in the morning and say 'please', and go to bed at night and say 'thank you'. And if I need it, in between, I say the Serenity Prayer."
--Southpark noon AA meeting

"I gotta go drop the kids off at the pool."
--co-worker, as he left for the day.

"this is American Family Insurance...I believe we owe you some money for the rear end of your vehicle involved in a recent collision."
--"Leeann" on my voicemail late today.

"Yeah, I think we might have a car available for donation for the single-mother-in-need that you are working with?"
--a good woman

Hope your day brings good things your way!

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gypsy said...


Have you ever read anything by Anne Lamott? A) You should, she's great, and B) her prayer is something like: morning - "Please", nighttime - "Whatever"

She's very AA also. Get "Travelling Mercies". You'll love it.

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White