Monday, January 29, 2007

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January has been a most busy and interesting month. My calendar is packed with joy and fun, and rather than living in the moment, I've been messing with my calendar, trying to get organized, spending money impulsively, and I want everything NOW, NOW, NOW!!

I did get a lovely new T-Mobile Dash... which I would like to re-name the
T-Mobile Crash. No, I wasn't exactly ON the phone when I crashed Delores,
but I had just set it down and was concerned with a pedestrian marching the wrong way in the street. He just didn't look "right". A split second later, as I approached the traffic light at 23rd and Louisianna, I realized that there were many more cars than I realized stopped there, the last of which was a mere 2 feet from my front bumper when I braked. Ouch. I was instantaneously slammed from behind by another driver, we made a little Delores sandwich. I flew up into my visor and scraped my upper eye and got a nice purple and yellow eyeshadow effect for the past week. I suffered a wave of guilt on Wednesday that just about killed me, as I have not had to suffer since I quit drinking. It wasn't pretty. Thank god for a noon meeting that day... I got lots of good advice.
"thou shall not 'should' thyself"
"accidents happen"
"Do the next right thing"
"Learn from this lesson and don't make the same mistake twice"

I've been trying to keep all of those things in mind, and it seems to help. Also the fact that a friend loaned me a temporary foster car to get to and from work meetings really helps. I often have 3 or 4 meetings in a day, all over the place. In fact the morning that I crashed my car, I was leaving a meeting with a family, and on my way to meet a board member to discuss a fund raising soiree that I've decided I have lots of time to devote to.

I'm going to do the Vagina Monologues this year, and promise to behave myself much better post-show. I am getting the opportunity to be the narrator, as the lovely Lydia is directing it this year and is too sane to try to do both.

I also think I'd like to do the St. Patrick's Day float with the Red Lyon girls... I am reserving commitment on this until I meet up with them tomorrow night.

I am finishing up the class at Unity on Quantum Spirituality, which I have missed a couple of sessions, but I am catching up this week on the reading so I can show up for the last class on Wednesday night with some earth-shatteringly stupid questions about God and the Universe. I've missed the past 2 weeks of class and of Sunday services, and I can tell the difference in my overall groundedness. I'm not feeling very grounded.

Part of this is due to a whole lot of physical pain... I fell on the ice HARD on Tuesday the 16th after the storm, and I gave it a week then called the Doc's office to leave a message that I probably needed x-rays or something cause I was SO dang sore from the fall. 5 minutes after that, I crashed my car. That did not help.

On the upside of things... and there really IS an upside, I think. I have been doing a lot of praying and reading and resting. I read a great meditation last night that talked about how during times of great spiritual growth and life lessons, we forget to listen to our bodies and what they need. So I slept until 2 pm today... it was GOOD.

And I have a new resolve to get back to the gym and MOVE... only 10 weeks until the Lawrence 5k and Half-Marathon,
and I PLAN to RUUUUNNNN the 5k, not just walk it. I wanna be a runner!!
Speaking of runners, my trainer/mentor, Scott, ran the Groundhog run in Kansas City today... placed 66th out of 1680 something? runners. And was 3rd in his age group. WOW. And that was with a monster blister/missing chunk o' heel skin.


Place O'All 5k First Last City St Ag

===== ===== ======= =========== =============== ================== == ==




So I made him some crispy/chewy sugar cookies drizzled with chocolate. And I only ate about a dozen of them myself. Mmmm. Spiritually speaking, I think that was EXACTLY what my body needed.

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Anonymous said...

You also have the annual Shamrock Shuffle the Saturday before the parade to stretch for the 1/2 marathon! Deb

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White