Thursday, November 09, 2006

The little bitch almost went to jail again.

This blog entry of a favorite blogger of mine just gave me chills. Go check it out, please!

In other woman centered news, one of the fabulous members of the Goddess Collective has published a great article in the Kansan...

And on the homefront, things are looking much more positive with the roomie. And the frickin' beagle escaped AGAIN. I got a call from a neighbor who I then asked to tie her to the porch until my roommate got her and plugged up the new beagle hole. The shock collar is not looking so bad right now... you know, I incurred $265 in "dog at large" fines for that beagle in 48 hours. Because I could not pay it, there was a warrant out for my arrest until Grandma and Grandpa stepped in and paid the fine so Lucy's mother would not have to go to jail. Lucy better watch it or Grandma will put a lump of coal in her stocking this year.
Oh yes... we're THAT kind of family. The dogs each have their own stockings. Don't worry, I'll share photos when the time comes.

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