Friday, November 10, 2006

It's 10 o'clock... do you know who's reading your blog?

My roommate and I had a very productive conversation last night about some shit that needed to be dealt with, like ummmm... money and boundaries and such. I guess we both don't have enough of those things.

Having lived with her for a couple of months, and sensing that she was fully aware of the negative vibe in the air here at the Love Shack, I thought it appropriate today, for the first time, to go check out her blog on

It was pretty much what I expected, but I was surprised to see some sweet things written about me in there. *sigh*. Feeling rather guilty for fussing about her in my own blog, I went in and deleted my comments from a couple of days ago when things were a little tense.

Tonight we were chatting about blogs, and she revealed that she had attempted to go view MY blog for the first time today. She couldn't remember the address or something, so she didn't get to see it. I wiped my brow and thought "Whew... just in time." Then she told me that today she deleted the negative shit that she had written on her myspace blog... apparently hours (or even moments!!) before I read it.

I am amused. So again with Plain-Jane, one of my bloggity blog heroes outside of the goddess collective. Just recently she wrote this:

You know, people ask me all the time why I let my family and friends read this. Don't I want to bitch about them, people ask.WELL HELL YES, I want to bitch about them. Doesn't everybody want to bitch about the people close to them? However, and no one's going to believe me, I intentionally let everyone about whom I could potentially bitch read this site. You know why? Because I don't think it's productive to spend a couple of hours every day sniping about people with whom you have to live or maintain a relationship. I don't want to wallow. I can't. I'm already negative enough.

I love the thought behind this, and it got me to thinking about writing and censoring, using the blog as a diary of very personal opinions, or just blathering on. I subscribe to a similar philosophy, I think, as Jane. My mom, my boss, my coworkers, friends, and probably some strangers read this. I hope what I put out there is worth reading, and I think I'll make it my mission to speak more like I blog... maybe I don't need to verbally express EVERY opinion that I have. I hope that I don't choose, usually, to blog too much negative crap about others. And if I do, perhaps we can order an electrified keyboard to send a little jolt when I need a reminder to put down the mouse, back away from the computer, and do some deep breathing.

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