Tuesday, September 20, 2005

On the road again...

What a happier week to post about. I went and saw Willie Nelson with Becky last week... what a great show. I was feeling good that day, and it was a perfect venue and I actually forgot about being sick for a while, which is a miracle. I loved it. I bought a t-shirt and actually got close enough to stage to get Willie to sign it and shook his hand, thanks to a security guard who took pity on my weak ass and hoisted me up on a chair to do it in a crowd of whiskey soaked hoochie mamas. It was blissful.
I also started taking liquid Reglan, which has allowed me to eat, have an appetite (even for junk food... hey, a girl's gotta have some fun) and not throw up for 5 days! yippee! I think the long distance reiki healing is also helping this, which reminds me... I need to go see the chiropractor also, and make an appt. with the therapist to talk about all my latest death obsessions.
My two pseudocysts seem to be growing and starting to cause some discomfort, so I am going to ask for an earlier CT scan of my tummy before the chest CT scheduled for the 27th. I have named the pseudocysts "Pancho" and "Lefty", and hope they leave on their own, but I know surgery is coming, regardless. Anyhoo, back to the morphine for a while until that day.
My agency has been so dang supportive of me that I need to kick some serious ass and do some prettying up of my files before October, as we're expecting some sort of audit, and I'd hate to be caught with my pants down and be in the spa while leaving messy files behind. So I am work work working away right now. I seriously am happy to see improvements in strength already with the addition of food to my diet... I am finding it slightly easier to get in and out of cars and up and down stairs, but I still fell on my ass today when trying to get up off the ground while talking on the cell phone. It takes all 4 limbs to get up, and usually another person if I sit fully down on the ground.
Ok, that's my update and I'll have more interesting stuff to talk about next time.

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