Sunday, May 29, 2005

Knock on wood...

After the ominous news from Dr. S. that he was afraid of secondary infection in my dead pancreas (or the live 20%), as I like to think of it, I have actually had a remarkably strong Saturday and Sunday. I feel relatively good, esp. compared to the slow progress of recovery during the last week, and am able to take care of myself at home, at least.

The girls are happy that I am feeding them and letting them out myself, I think. However, they are pouting about the lack of chewy sticks in the house. I tried to give them sno-cones, but it didn’t hold the same excitement for them as for me. I really really love my new snow-cone maker. It’s amazing how little it takes to make me happy these days. For only $20 at Target, Rival has the most adorable little sno-cone maker that actually has sugar free syrups available, too! My blood sugar is staying okay, also.

I am finding that I can take one-two hour jaunts out of the house without getting too tired. Yesterday Lori took me to the Social Service League, and I saw an old acquaintance that asked if I was pregnant. Hee! I do look huge with all the bloating. I hope it goes down soon. It makes getting dressed a bit of a problem. So I bought a big stupid straw hat to protect myself from the sun and now I look like an old woman waddling around with my big belly and big hat. If I owned contact lenses right now, I’d buy myself an equally ridiculous pair of big-ass sunglasses to complete the look.

Today Lulu invited me to church, but I realized that I really just wanted to attend the lunch afterwards, and that’s just what I did. We met some friends on the porch of the Brewery for lunch and it was wonderful. I actually have regained some appetite, and it was good to be out and about, even for a while. Lori made dinner again tonight, (Cornish hen and saffron rice, yum!!) and brought it to me this evening since I was worn out from my trip downtown. I am feeling spoiled and lucky by everyone being so darn nice to me.

Tomorrow Scott is bringing me to his and T’s house to cook out for Memorial Day… I hope to get in their hot tub for a while, but will spend most of the time lounging, I’m sure. In the meanwhile, I am hoping that I don’t develop any weird infections or fevers… I feel way too good at this point for it to even seem remotely possible. I still have all my fingers and toes crossed, though.


Dita said...

How could anyone not love snow cones? I need to get one of these!

Wish you well.

gayhorrorgeek said...

Have fun eating at S & T's--Puppy and I went for a walk and are getting ready to eat "summer" food. Veggie burgers, potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, etc. BTW, I didn't understand your message. I'm writing another blog, but I'm not sure it's very good. Chris is the writer in this little family. Anyway, hope all is well.

RunLuluRun said...

Lunch was so fun. You didn't mention in your blog how great you looked and how you thought of another friend who is home post tooth removal and ordered to-go favorites to deliver. You are generous at every move!

I'll give you all the dish on my night soon. I need a nap too.

gayhorrorgeek said...

OK, I posted another blog. What are the rules? How often am I supposed to be doing this?

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