Thursday, May 26, 2005

A few of the things I am particularly grateful for...

Remember... I was on morphine, so I may have seen you and you weren't actually there, or you may have been there and I did not see you.

Becky… for leading the way and not freaking out too bad when she heard of my hospitalization from afar. She stayed with me for 24 hours feeding me, rubbing my feet, doing dishes, grocery shopping, talking talking talking.

Andy… stayed at my house, cleaned, took care of the girls, visited as much as he could bear it, and did whatever was asked.
Mom…drove all the way up at the drop of the mention of ICU, and even stayed Sunday night just because I wanted her to watch Desperate Housewives with me.

Scott…Spent hours at the hospital, dropped in constantly, never told me no when I asked for anything (except water) helped at the house, took care of business stuff, and still keeps showing up each day ready to take me back to his and T’s house to watch over me there if I need it.

Meggity Meg meg...for being around all the time despite her own stuff going on, for reminding me to shave my legs, offering to help with that and just about anything else after I've gotten out, listening to me whine, and living just down the street so she can attempt to drag me out when possible. And spending the night. And the dogs love her.
Lulu/Simon… entertaining visits and great encouragement.

Rikki… only Rikki can sum up an issue in that Rikki way and make it seem just perfectly doable. She rocks.

Heather Mac/Jill… Heather made multiple visits, but Jill was lucky enough to be there the day I made both of them poke my tummy cause it’s so damn hard!!! Heather has stalked me by phone even though I know she hasn’t been feeling great herself. It’s nice to know you’re thought of!

Stephen, Terri… for bringing me things to pretty up with (power puff toothpaste!) and just helping me to stay feeling sane.

Mike… visited when I was weary, talked for a bit, and then just stayed and prayed. And it was COOL.

Queens… tons of emails of encouragement from the queens was preceded by a hilarious and beautiful bouquet with a tiara stuck in it. Of course!!

Lydia and Alan… Lydia visited regularly, didn’t mind my repeated stupid questions, and took care of some major business stuff that saved my ass.

Barb/Angie/Beth… my co-workers who visited and have had to deal with my fall-out at work, I am intensely grateful that I work in such an environment.

Tom, Florence, Wendy, Kim, and probably many others who passed through while I was in a haze. It all meant a lot to me.

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