Wednesday, February 23, 2005

the pink scarf...

For the monologues, each of us had to wear all black, with a hot-pink accessory. My accessory was, of course, a scarf that I knit. A long, luxurious, fuzzy pink scarf. It worked out nicely for the play...

After the play, we all went next door to the Brewery to celebrate our sparkly, happy, vagina-loveliness.

Rewind a moment... for the past week or so I've had a bit of a fling. Nothing too major, just a few make-out sessions...some flirting... some phone calls... whatever. I called him
"Rebound Boy".
the name.... it came from the fact not only that I was rebounding from mine and Fester's long relationship, but he ALSO was rebounding from a year or two relationship with... a friend of mine. There. It's out there. I broke girl code and hit it with a friend's ex. Or so I thought. Please note that I did NOT at any time "do the deed". This was not that kind of thing. And he INSISTED that it was OVER with his "ex".
No lectures on my stupidity, please, ya'll.

So anyway... we're at the Brewery, and Rebound boy is there. Being very very sweet and attentive, having just attended the show on my behalf, and looking awfully cute wearing a pin that said "Vagina Friendly". (I wouldn't know.)

We hung out. We flirted. The bar closed at midnight, and as the fun with the Vagina cast was dwindling, I was willing to move on down the street. Rebound boy wanted to go to Bar ! ... which happened to be where his "ex" girlfriend liked to hang out. Can you see where this is going?

After a few awkward moments at Bar ! (where no one realizes that he and I arrived together)
I leave by myself and head toward Bar #... thinking that once Rebound boy has extricated himself from awkward moment with "ex" girlfriend (GF), he'll fetch me and give me the ride to my house that I had been promised. He had my stuff in his car.

Bar closing time... after a couple of glasses of wine with an old friend, it starts to dawn on me that I need to line up a back-up ride home, and that things may not actually be what they seem down the road at Bar ! . I decide to call Rebound boy and just ask for my bag, telling him that I have another ride home. here are some snippets of the next hour.

"Oh no, I'll be right there."
"Can I just spend the night with you at your house?"
"I really really like you."
"She and I are over. Really. She just can't accept it."
"I've been looking forward to being with you all day."
"Hello?" (at this point "ex" GF calls 2 or 3 times while we are sitting in my driveway. She knows, apparently, that he's with someone, but does not know who. )
"Okay, come to my house. It'll be okay."

FF to his place. I've changed into ugly pj's, removed makeup, and driven over there thinking that we'll talk some more, have a little snuggle before bed, and sleep.

We did the first two things. During our talk it comes out that his relationship with GF really wasn't bad. Really, nothing much wrong there at all, just him freaking out a bit. Using my brilliant powers of deduction, I tell him that he's not finished, and has no reason to be, and needs to spend some time sorting things out with GF, as it sure sounds to me like they should look at getting back together.

Okay, still, I can't resist the short makeout session and someone to sleep next to. Sounds nice, and it would put a nice finish on the nice semi-fling.

Next thing I know I hear a key in the front door. I pull the covers over my head, thinking it will all go away, perhaps? The bedroom door flies open and the overhead light flashes on.
Seems that "ex" GF wants to chat with Rebound boy, so they go in the living room. I lie there with the covers over my head thinking... maybe she won't know it's me. maybe she'll leave. I parked Consuela down the street. She couldn't have recognized my car. I wonder if she has violent tendencies. Does she have an NRA sticker on her car? I wonder if I could fit through that window. Should I go out there? I'm really tired. Maybe I should take a nap until further notice.
"Kalli, what are you doing? Do you need a ride home?" ---says GF as she walks down the hall and into the bedroom.

I pulled the covers off, sat up, and said, "Hi. No, I have my car."
I grabbed my shoes, purse, and met her in the kitchen. We talked briefly... she was graceful. That's all I can say. She calmly sipped on her glass of water and said, "Well, we'll work this out. This is f***'d up. I know you are in a f***'d up place right now. I am too. And so is he."
I just didn't know what to say. What do you say to a pal who you don't know all that well, but whom you admire and enjoy, when you've just totally screwed up?? I asked her for a sip of her water. She gave me one and I left out the front door, she turned to go down the hall to go to bed.

So, who knew she had a key to his house still? Who could have known that he's been sad and lonely and wishing for reconciliation with her, and seeing me when she just wasn't available?
Who knew that he was such a freakin' weenie and that he would just sit there in his robe looking pitiful while GF and I talked. Who knew that he'd lie to me and lie to her and really, I think, lie to himself about all of this.

Ick. Men can be such pathetic, weak, messed up people. But I wasn't any better... I loved the attention and put away any thoughts of what might happen if GF found out. So even though they were technically "broken up", I'll know better than to believe THAT one for a while.

So... how'd GF figure out that it was me cowering under the covers? She saw my long, luxurious, fuzzy pink scarf tossed across his couch. Oops.


RunLuluRun said...

Being human = being flawed. I love you for your scarf. You are a good person experiencing bad break-up behaviors. One of my motto's seems to be in play here: when women stick together this world is a different, better place. Good for you for talking with the woman. It never hurts and mostly it helps both of you.


gypsy said...

GF here. Just wanted to tell you, Missy, that all is well and aside from the inevitable wierdness, I feel quite cool about everything and I hope you do to. Your friend Lulu is a wise woman, and I do believe we should hold each other up rather than tear each other down.

As far as "rebound boy" goes -- I can't say what will happen with the two of us... the drama only continues and increases. He's an idiot, but I guess for now he's my idiot and I love his pea pickin' heart.

But you're royalty and so am I and that's really what matters, right?


"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White