Monday, December 27, 2004


I was 19 years old, and irresponsibly wandering around a pet store when I truly had no money and lived in an apartment that did not allow pets. I saw a cage full of blue-point siamese kittens, and stuck my hand in the cage to pet one. You climbed rudely over all of your brothers and sisters, loudly meowing and insisting that I pet you. You stood at the front of the cage and yowled when I closed the door. I told the clerk that I would be back, and headed to Walmart to buy a litter box, litter, collar, and toys.

I returned, paid $50 for you, and we were off. You went with me everywhere. Scott and I took you to Kansas City to his Mom's house almost every weekend. You loved to ride in the car as a kitten. You were very very mean at times, and would chase us around the house, biting our ankles if you were not given enough attention. I had you neutered as quickly as I could, thinking that it would calm you down. It worked.

You grew into a beautiful 20 pound loving kitty. You had such a great personality. When we had friends over to play poker, you had to have your own chair to sit in and observe. Once you got really excited during a poker game and ran up the stairs, overshot the balcony, and came crashing down onto the coffeetable from above, sending poker chips scattering everywhere, and walking away looking really pissed off but unharmed afterwords.

When we bought our new house, I had electricians in to install some outlets. They had to move a tall bookshelf, so they set it on my bed. Fortunately for you, this is where I hid the catnip. I came in and found you rolling around in one of the shelves, covered with catnip, and stoned beyond belief. Your eyes always crossed when you were high on the 'nip, also when you were mad.

This summer it was apparent that you were beginning to really show your age. I skipped work several afternoons this summer and laid on the couch with you, you used to sleep with your nose tucked into my neck. In the past couple of months, you lost a lot of weight.

Scott took us to the vet, which was appropriate because he has known you since you were a baby, also. You loved Scott, and would follow him from room to room as he cleaned our house. You missed him when he moved out, but he came back to visit you regularly.

I know you were having pee troubles, and the vet said it was diabetes or kidney. It turned out to be the worst possible news, the vet called me on Monday evening and said it was total kidney failure, and nothing could really be done. Scott picked me up on Tuesday morning and we went to the Animal Hospital to spend some time with you.

You were hooked up to an IV, and I held you as I sat on a rocking chair in a private room. We talked to you and loved you and you were quiet and seemed just tired. After a while, Scott left us alone and the vet came in. He placed a towel under you and I kept you on my lap as he put the medicine in the IV. You buried your face in the crook of my arm just before your body when limp.

I'm glad you picked me at the pet store, and I am glad I was able to be there when you needed to go. You were a good kitty.

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