Monday, December 13, 2004

Mouse in the house

My cat is soooo lazy. I have two cats, one public, and one private. Clio is the private cat. She has severe neurotic tendencies and lives under my bed, emerging only to eat and poo. She lies on the bed when no one is around, but once you enter the bedroom, she's gone. She's around 10 years old, you'd think she'd be over it by now. She's a cat supremacist who believes strongly in the separation of cats and dogs. If you lay on the bed very quietly (Andy is excellent at this) she'll eventually come and love on you, in a very intense manner. She does back flips and purrs loudly as you pet her. I almost got rid of her when I moved to this new house (a year and a half ago) because I didn't think she'd mentally survive the move. What was I thinking? She's still mental, it's okay.
Sebastian, the squishy siamese on the couch pictured here, likes to do this most of the time, but rules the house and all who live there. The dogs are scared of him, as am I, at times. He's really very sweet.
Anyhoo, the point of all of this is that neither cat could care one iota that there are mice in the kitchen. They feel strongly that as their humble servant, I should not only gather and bring home their food, but I should also be responsible for the slaughtering of the mice. I am getting quite good at it, by the way. Poor mice.

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