Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tips for Spring Cleaning
By Kalli
*Spray Febreze on all furniture
*Sprinkle carpet sprinkly stuff on all carpeted areas.
*Empty vacuum canister, leave vacuum and other pieces in separate and various places throughout the house.
*Look busy.
*Open the window next to the cat box.
*Take Ibuprofen, have a cup of coffee, check Pinterest
*Clean out Gmail Inbox, wander aimlessly through a few blogs/articles.
*Pick up cigarette butts from yard
*Read instructions on seed packets & dig for heating pad to speed up late germination of starter plants
*Re-start the dryer.
*Run the dishwasher again as background noise for a nice nap.
*Spray windex on tv screens, give kid a rag and praise her for participating in this spring ritual.
*fluff pillows, straighten furniture covers, remove obvious clutter from front room to give illusion of clean house.
*light candles
*Read articles on Pinterest about cleaning, purging, organizing, and “upcycling”.
*Start a craft project.  Put it down, start another.
*Have manicure time with kid, paint our toenails KU Blue.
*Search pinterest for “how to crochet a jayhawk”
*Dismantle Christmas Tree.
*Formulate a plan for packing all the Christmas stuff away.
*Celebrate the Equinox by teaching Grace how to balance an egg on one end.  
*Mop kitchen floor.
*Crochet some blue pom-poms for “Elf on the Shelf” in case he decides to make a rare off-season appearance.
*Make some calls, check gmail, check facebook, catch up games of WWF.

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