Sunday, July 17, 2011

Find me...

I can't keep up with all the stuff.   I had a domain name but then let it lapse.  I moved that blog to   If you searched for me by my name you got to that one.   All my old blog entries are archived here, and I am no longer adding new stuff.   If you want to see current stuff go here:  

Then I began posting again on my old original blog, which is
 www.kallipalooza.blogspot.comYou are here.  I've been journaling on here since 2006 and probably won't stop now, although I never really know what direction it's going in.  

and NOW...   +kalli sanders
I think everything will eventually condense to Google +

I also like this layout on tumblr so I got me one of them. this is just an easy way to post quick comments and pics, I find it more casual than a lengthy blog entry.  

And of course there is twitter:
I've never really tweeted well, outside of the occasional "picplz" link to a photo or the occasional snarky comment.

old habits die hard... it will be a while before I can give this up.  

I really like to take pictures, so I have a pro account on flickr, but soon I'll move it all  to google "Picasa".  which is also on Google +.  

The funny and ironic part of all of this is that approximately 4 people actually read my stuff.   

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