Saturday, August 01, 2009


Grace really really enjoys being funny. She plays off laughter like most 2 year olds probably do, and informs us of her funniness on a regular basis. The first sentence she ever strung together was: “I do funny.”

Now she just says “Gracie funny” usually after she falls or bonks herself, as long as it doesn’t hurt too much. Dat funny is also popular. She enjoys it when I tell her something silly or outrageous. Lately I tell her she cracks me up, and she returns the compliment with “You crap me up, Mama.”

She often says that Andy craps her up as well. He is her favorite toy. She gets to do whatever she wants with Andy, she can boss him, order him around, ask him for anything, get him to play any game, make him be the horsie, and he rarely (never) says “No.” Plus, he’s damn funny.

Last night I asked her if she had pooped her pants. She said emphatically “NO!” I said “Are you lyin’??” and she said “Rooooarrr”. She seemed surprised when I laughed, and doesn’t understand why it was funny, but continues to try to respond to questions with “roooarr” even though the joke is over.

Poor thing. She’s a dork like her mama. I was always the class clown, although not sure how funny it actually was. Funny ha ha, or funny Ritalin? One never really knows. I’ve thankfully embraced my tendency to be a dork, a goof, and can often ease situations with a self-deprecating sense of humor. I gave up thinking I was “cool” a long time ago.

I hope that Grace eventually learns that funny is relative, it’s a useful tool, a welcome break, a stress reliever, a coping mechanism, and laughter will get you through a lot more than tears ever will. I hope she also learns that it’s not fun if you hurt someone, it’s not something to hide true emotions behind, and to enjoy each and every good belly laugh as it comes. They get fewer and farther between as we age, but are even more precious as we grow.

If we didn’t laugh we would all go insane. ----
Jimmy Buffett
Changes in Latitudes

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