Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beagle Nanny

So apparently when you're a wee 4 lbs 13 oz, it takes super-effort to breastfeed. It burns a lot of calories, too. And it takes more calories to maintain your body weight in an open air crib. So my little Grace faces the big challenge. Eat, gain weight, stay warm: all at the same time.

To ensure success at this, I am "moving in" to the hospital tonight. I've got new books to read, work to work on, and cell phone for texting with the outside world. I've got a Hotsling, and a boppy pillow, and we're all ready to go.

The audit at work came out okay. It was rough getting to the point of audit-readiness, and my serious issues with procrastination that were enhanced by being tired and pregnant have definitely caught up with me. I've recieved many many demerits in the eyes of my supervisor, I am sure. So... I'll probably be on a short leash when I return, but in the meantime the pressure is off so I can concentrate on the current priority, which is getting Grace home safe and sound and healthy.

I think I may even be able to save my house in the midst of all of this, dirty as it is, it still beats living in a van down by the river. It appears that there is hope. And the Merry Maids are coming Aug. 30th, which is also the same day I meet with our new pediatrician here in Lawrence. Yippee!!

So I don't have childcare arranged yet, but by god my Beagle has a nanny. She's been crazy and sad and constantly excaping while I've been gone so much. Some friends repaired the fence for the 40th time, but she's been so unhappy that I was considering doggy day care. Then I had a brilliant idea... My neighbor, Pat, always seems to be the person home all day who rescues Lucy whenever she does escape. Pat doesn't work right now, I think she may have a developmental disability, but I'm no expert. Anyway, she's just as sweet and helpful as can be, so I proposed a financial arrangement in which I pay her instead of a daycare, and she comes and takes Lucy for walks and visits during the day. The difference in the beagle's demeanor in the past couple of days has been dramatic. She's so much calmer and happier. I gave Pat a key to my house, and she felt bad for leaving Lucy yesterday so she hung out and did my dishes. What a great neighbor... but I told her that was totally unnecessary, but appreciated. Anyway, I'm grateful. So's the beagle.

Now we just need to find the perfect care-giver for Grace, and life will be good. In the meanwhile, I ran into a friend of a friend today that has offered some post-partum doula help after we come home, and that's going to be awesome. She works downtown at Blue Dandelion, which is where I went for the Hotsling and a couple more 4 lb. onesies. They're expensive but the only thing tiny enough to fit the little monkey for now.

I suppose I should get on the highway for the next feeding time... it's awesome to get comments on here, texts, and emails... those all get sent to my cell phone so I can see them immediately, and it entertains me when I'm in the baby bubble.

Next project: Thank you notes. So if you haven't received one, it's coming. Soon. I promise.


gypsy said...

I got my thank you! Thank you! I can't believe you pulled those off.

I have some daycare ideas. We'll talk soon.

Uncle Paul said...


Uncle Paul said...

I was a tearry-eyed mess when I held Grace! It is not evey day when the heavens allow you a moment with the Graces beyond this eartly plane! I was one of the lucky recipients,

Holding her was like touching God.

Love to you!
Uncle Paul

Roya Annoya said...

Congrats again to you, it sounds like you're doing wonderfully!

RunLuluRun said...

Hang in there! You are doing so well!

I hope to match up with you soon now that things are "slowing down" at work...I can come nap on your boppy and we can eat cafeteria food from the hospital!

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White