Friday, June 01, 2007

Ashtray Mouse

Things I was worried about last Friday that I'm still worried today...

Getting my house re-financed.

Whether or not I'll have fun this weekend....where to go? What to do?

Will I ever have sex again? I mean with someone.

Is Grace kicking right now?

My blood sugar.

My messy house.

Why is our government so corrupt, and how much more damage can they do in the next year and a half?


My's growing too fast.

The price of gas.

Yikes... not much changed from last Friday, although I did finally call some mortgage lenders, I'm carrying my blood sugar testing kit with me to be diligently checking my blood sugar, and I just texted Ames about my hair. Now if the fairies would clean my house, I'd be set.

Miss Gypsy left today for New York with the mystery of the rubber ashtray mouse unsolved. I recall a few months ago when I was driving Mulva the Mercury that there was a rubber mouse in the ashtray, I texted Gypsy and asked her about it and she didn't respond. Last night she called and said TBI had discovered the mouse while on the road late at night, and thinking it was real, opted not to remove it from the ashtray. Now the issue remains, where the hell did the rubber mouse come from? And why would anyone place it in Mulva's ashtray?

I called my dad to ask him about it, remembering fondly the time when I was in high school that he left a black licorice rat in my bed. Sadly, he had no clue about the rubber mouse also. I called Mr. Wrong and asked him about it, and he said that while he did not leave it there, he wished that he had.

I'm all out of ideas...perhaps one of Tod's relatives? Anyway, the mouse must now be passed on, ceremoniously, to some other poor unsuspecting person's ashtray. Maybe YOU will be lucky enough to encounter the ashtray mouse yourself.


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gypsy said...

I'm checking with Todd's dad. Maybe he left it in there for us when he gave us the car???

Or maybe it was one of the trailer park kids who has an actual sense of humor.

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White