Thursday, October 26, 2006

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Louisianna was so much fun!!
We went to the 70th International Rice Festival.
I got to meet lots of Beck's most special friends, and they were all as wonderful as she described them as. We had lots of adventures, including me and Margaret having true issues with almost getting lost in Crowley. Margaret and I have a history of getting lost together. We have opposite imaginary navigational disorder. I just made that up. Once in Kansas City after Becky's sister's wedding we were in Margaret's truck driving around DRUNK for more than 2 hours, calling our friends at the hotel repeatedly for directions, yet never finding the hotel. It was some glitch with 69 and I--69. They are apparently not the same.
But I digress.

Being broke, I made it my mission to acquire as much free stuff as possible on the trip. This guy handed me a large bottle of Lancome "Miracle" perfume that the TSA was making his wife throw away, so I snatched it and stuck it in Miss Phyllis' luggage that she hadn't checked yet. Then in Dallas I used my little regulation size baggies to pick up more stuff out of the trash at the check thru. I got some lotion, body/face mask, and Chanel Lipgloss. Yes, I know, it's trashy to dig Chanel lip gloss out of the trash in Dallas, and I will probably get herpes.
I like living on the edge, folks. Also acquired during the trip...some really cute warm clothes from Arlene and her daughter, some hot chili pepper beads from James, Becky's daddy, and a bunch of 50 cent clothes at the Crowley Good Will, and a $5.99 suitcase to haul back all the used new stuff.

I was thrilled at how big and fun the Rice festival was. I was obnoxious and wet and crazy during the parade, which is how I believe one should behave when at a parade in Louisianna...begging for beads, grabbing cups, and throwing small children out of the way so I could acquire more candy. All this sober, too. Hee!
Okay, check the cheese pics. I have lots more pics to get up on the site before I leave for Mayo, I'll try to do it before I go. I plan on blogging daily on the Mayo trip, with pics and everything. It might help to keep me sane, and if it doesn't, ya'll can witness the insanity for yourselves.
I wrote this sentence to a friend tonight, and I do believe it explains it all right now.

My trip to Mayo on Monday is looming large, along with the arrival of my mother, working a trade show selling Alpaca at the Topeka Expo center all weekend, (long story) and the realization that we have a licensing review Friday at 1:30 at work and I still don't have my medical records to hand-carry to Mayo, and I need a flu shot, because apparently they are into flu season up there in MN, and plus there are sick people from everywhere converging on that one hospital, and there are no flu shots to be found except at Dillons on 6th street and only with a secret password or something, and my neighbor Mollie made me get a new kitten today and she's lovely, but on antibiotics 2 times a day, and my roommate is 23 years old and needy, and only 17 cats to go until I hit my goal of being the crazy old lady with 19 cats.


gypsy said...


I laughed out loud about the Chanel Lipgloss. I even read that bit out loud to the girls at work.

I'll be thinking about you. Bring me a Mayo souvenier. Like some hot doctor's scrubs or something.

Enarda said...

I can't wait till you get home and until you get 19 cats. I'm so jealous! I wanted to be the crazy catlady!

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White