Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Top ten

Top 10 good things about today (Monday):

10. Less pain than yesterday. Pain in general has been remarkably controlled.

9. Possibly ditching the nose/feeding tube this evening. This would allow me to eat again! And drink. I would kill for a hot cup of tea right now.

8. Thoughtful visitors and non visitors. Having a few of my main people drift in and out for support over the past few days in ICU has been nice, but at times overwhelming. Everyone who has waited will be exceptionally appreciated as I get better and better and am bored in my regular hospital room or at home after this (Kalli should be in a regular room by the afternoon/evening of 6/14).

7. My parents left and took the dogs with them for 2 fun filled weeks at summer camp in Stafford. This alleviates my worries about them and their care, and lets everyone else off the hook helping me after I'm home the first week.

6. My parents left town just before "saturation point" which, in my family, occurs either: a) after 72 hrs, b) while any of us isn't feeling good, c) while any of us is stressed/worried.

5. Food, and the possibility of ingesting it.

4. She hit the vein!

3. Dr. Delcore says "You're doing far better than you have any right to be. Far better than any of my expectations."

2. Barring infection or complications, I may be in a private room by Tuesday.

1. And possibly at home 1 week later! Yippie!


RunLuluRun said...

Good news Goddess GV! We miss you SO very much. We all love you and can't wait for you to return to the 'hood.

Keep on amazing the doctors. Like we talked about at the Replay: The system has rules, but the spirit has a PLAN!

Your spirit is strong and we are sending you good vibes!

Rikki said...

Thanks for the updates. I'm looking forward to seeing you in real live person.

gb said...

Top two good things for me: my brother having his first child last night, and reading your funny cheerful blog.

gypsy said...

Scott, are you printing these comments off and taking them to her? Please do!

Your amazing attitude has everything to do with why you are doing so well. Keep it up. You're inspiring!

Love you!

RunLuluRun said...

Uh, your doctor is hot. Will you tell him I think he's hot?

It was great to hang out with you. Can't wait to see you in Lawrence!

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White