Sunday, June 19, 2005

Things to live for...

I am currently sorting through 292 emails, my first sit down at the computer since getting home yesterday. It's so good to be home. I miss my dogs, but know that yesterday I would have recieved a beagle to the belly upon arrival so it's just as well that they are away at Bitch-Hound Camp in lovely Stafford County, gateway to the Sanders House of Continual Parental Advice and Concern.

Yesterday I insisted that Scott take me to Walmart, follow me around on a "mart-cart" while I shopped, then take me to Payless for some shoes I had to have, then to the pharmacy twice to find my medicines, then home. He was less than thrilled by the end of it all. I did a lot of wandering around the house and settling in, and caused myself to bleed a little from my incision, but it settled down once I got settled in for a good night's sleep around midnight. I just have to remember not to stay up and around for too long at a time, I guess, until things heal a bit more. I am taking it easy today, but had my first accident with my drain. I have this big tube coming out from my abdomen that pours tummy juice (I guess it's more of the infectious fluid) into a bag attached to my leg. It's gross and I hate it, and may have to wear it for weeks or months. Ick. Anyway, I lost a tube while napping this morning and gunked up my comforter. I am taping everything down now for added protection. This sucks, but it sure beats the alternative!

Thanks again for all the emails, notes, comments... it's just nice to know people are still thinking of me as this disaster stretches into more and more weeks of hell. Let's hope we're reaching the end of all of it!! I can't believe all of this has been going on since May 12. That's a long time to be sick. Okay, enough bitching from me, I am grateful to be home and settled!

I think we should have a "Farewell Pancreas Party" of some type. I also think we should all get tickets to see Journey. One day recently Scott said that I needed to start thinking of all the things that I had to live for. (I believe that was one of the days that I prefaced or ended every statement with the phrase "Before I die...") He specifically mentioned Journey as one of those things, and promised that he would take me to see them July 24. Now, as a youngster, I was not allowed to go to events such as a Journey concert... I believe the only concert I saw live while living under my parents roof was "Amy Grant". Not that there's anything wrong with that. (gag.) I tend to be a bit sheltered in this area. However, I have done my best to try to catch up on the most important ones, yet favorite band from age 12-??? has escaped me. Let's go!!

Other things to live for...
Doctor's orders say I can resume sexual activity in 3 weeks. I wonder if Blue Cross/Blue Shield will cover the necessary equipment/fees for this?

Getting my dogs back home with me.

Catching Fester on a bad day and actually beating him at Scrabble.

Torturing Scott (Batboy).

Library books.



(On that note, it should be noted, that I am hereby requesting that my visitors refrain from discussing any of the things that make me laugh, as I constantly risk busting a staple out of my gut when these things are mentioned.) The partial list is:


I reserve the right to add to this list anytime.


RunLuluRun said...

Add that we are all so glad you are back to the 'hood. Let's get dinner one night this week--in or out - your pick.

Welcome home, super star.

Love you,


ex-wicked said...

I just got Hotel Rwanda on DVD so if you wanna get together and cry about something ELSE.. and not laugh.. that's the one for us! I also have Kinsey but there's sex in that one so there's a pretty good chance of laughter.. or chickens.

luv you.. so glad you are home.
miss you

gayhorrorgeek said...

Welcome back--Scott keeps me abreast of your recovery, though he is rather cryptic at times. I hope you feel better.

Gladfelter1970 said...

Ooops. Stephen should've warned you that my blog is about a monkey, which is something that's on your don't-mention-it-or-I'll-laugh list. I'm going to write a memo to myself to remind me not to blog about chickens or poop. It'll be rough, though...

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White