Monday, March 21, 2005

Welcome to the O.C., bitch...

It's been a lovely 3 day interlude of snot, snoring, sleeping, snuggling (with the beagle, of course... who else?) and watching 27 mindless hours of The O.C. on DVD.

Yes, my life is a bundle of fun. St. Patrick's day was a blur of sparkly greenness... it was a blast to hang out with the chicks and smile and dance our way down Mass. St. It did kinda suck being the fat queen, but hey... The whole get-up was so ridiculous that my smashing figure just enhanced it, I am sure. I'll be posting a pic on the refrigerator, just to ensure those winter/non-smoking pounds will continue to drop off. (I've actually begun the downward trudge on the scale, thank GOD.) It's amazing how a certain weight can sound so terrible on the way up, and be so welcomed on the way down!!

I got a snootful of pollen or something on St. Pat's Day which triggered a horrific head and chest cold, which made for the exciting weekend in bed with Seth, Ryan, Marissa, and Summer. Those crazy kids.

I've had some great conversations with my friend who is in KC doing the rehabby thing... she's doing great... her attitude is right on, and I hope for great things to come. In the meanwhile, I've received confirmation from several sources that I made the right decision in cutting loose the other friend. Things were being said that were even more negative than what I was hearing personally. But isn't that the way it always is. Sometimes unhappy people just suck in way too much energy, without giving any back.

I've thought a lot about the exchange of energy between people recently. I feel like I have gathered so much positive energy from friends old and new over the past few months of trauma. In doing so, I hoped that I'd have it in me to give energy, also. I don't want to be someone who takes it all in and doesn't give back. And oh my, have I struggled. It was really hard to find any reserve to deal with my best friend, and frankly just didn't have any left for the not so great friend. I think that Lulu is right, though... the answers are within us, if we just listen to our instincts... and I knew instinctively where my tiny bit of energy was best spent.

On to the week ahead... (I think I need a GODDESS recharge!!!)


Lucile said...

Hey, Kalli!

You are not the "fat queen"!!! I banish such language from a fellow queen! We are beautiful just the way we are - and even more beautiful in tiaras.

Talk about "eating healthy" perhaps, but find yourself beautiful, always.

Yes, I am a hipocrite as I write this. I admit it. But I try to practice what I preach - and you should, too.

You looked so great in that dress - you have gorgeous legs! Don't doubt it for a second.

RunLuluRun said...

Tonight Free State 9pm, Free Goddess recharge!

gypsy said...

Didn't see you at Free State tonight -- bummer.

I have a big ole WHATEVAHHH for you on the whole "fat queen" ridiculousness. Did you SEE the pictures you sent out of my own blossoming self??

As for instinct, I wish mine were better, but in the long run, it all seems to be working out pretty damn well -- for all of us.

On you go. You're doing great.

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time . Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." --E.B. White