Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Family Reunion and stuff...

December 27, 2004-January 1, 2005
What a great reunion. Fester is a member of a family with 5 siblings, total, and they are all great, with nice spouses and cool kids. As an only child, I consider myself lucky to not only hang out with Fester, who helps me relive my second childhood on a daily basis, but also to be part of his fabulous family. Their parents are awesome, too.

We are settling in for a nice ice storm this evening, hopefully it will be bad enough to cancel school/work, and not so bad that we lose power. I know I am walking a thin line on that one.

Hope and prayers and such to all who are affected by the tsunami. It's inconcievable and horrific, and I've been hearing about one families' struggles first-hand from my co-worker Beth, who is stronger than I would be right now about her missing cousin. http://www.benabels.com
Beth is one of those positive people who makes your day better each time you see her, I imagine her family is also that way.

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